Saturday, May 1, 2010


I am hoping to catch a picture of Mas enjoying his bubbles today. We have tried to go outside every day after school and blow bubbles. I thought I'd take the lazy way out and buy a little bubble machine from Wal-Mart, but of course, he likes that to be going and also hands me the bubble wand. :o) I guess there is no rest!

We are so lucky that Mas loves to be outside so much. I think he would spend all day out there if he could. We are looking into getting an electronic fence for the dogs, so it would be easier to be out there for all of us. Right now, we will go outside and Mas will sneak back up to the patio and open the door to let the dogs out....which would be fine, except they scatter all over the place and then we have to round them all up again. (Mas always laughs hysterically at this, though!)

The speech device is still not working correctly. He will be pushing things and looking at us and getting upset and then we realize the sound is not working again. It is very frustrating. I wish companies would stand by their products, like they used to in the past.

Other than that, just waiting for a cloudy, windless day to plant my tomatoes and peppers. The rest of my stuff is in the ground, getting their toes wet and hopefully laying down a nice root system. The growing season this year is already off to a much better start than last season. There is really nothing to complain about in the weather this year!

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