Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stevie and Carole and Patsy...Oh, My!

Big night on Idol, with the women trying to emulate/channel/imitate/aspire to a lot of big names in the biz.

Katie Stevens...tacked Kelly Clarkson's Breakaway. Argh. Katie's low register was not good at all, and needs work with a vocal coach if she is going to attempt Kelly. Another thing that screamed out at me tonight was the way Katie completely ignores beginnings, endings, and "in-between" notes...she needs to listen to herself sing. She was off pitch often and I thought she pretty much butchered the song. Kelly Clarkson may be young, but the girl has pipes and her singing is solid. If you're going to try to sing her, you have to be ready for it. Katie was not.

Siobhan Magnus...I loved the a capella start to this and thought she rocked drop in pitch whatsoever when the band joined in, which is rare. She needed to be a bit more careful on the big notes, I thought, but overall she blew me away with this. Yea!

Lacey Brown...I think this was the best she's done so far, and it was kind of intriguing tonight. I do think the notes at the end were too big for her, and that her charm lies in singing the quiet and simple lines.

Katelyn Epperly...Did nothing new with this Carole King song, and Kara was right in saying that Carole is a very present artist when she's performing. I also thought if Katelyn was going to play the keys, then she should actually play something. This was blah and boring to me, and maybe something I wouldn't even eat peanuts to.

Didi Benami...Stevie?!?! I thought this was a snore, but I agree this was a vast improvement for her. Still, Stevie?!

Paige Miles... :o( I was sad for her, since it was obvious she was hoarse, either from sickness or emotion, and she really butchered this song. That song is a classic, and is really probably far too large of a song for anyone on Idol. She had a shaky start and never seemed to really lock anything in. I was bummed for her, but she did not have a good night.

Crystal Bowersox... :o) Hello! Yeah.

Lilly Scott...Unfortunate placement for her at the end of the show with this type of song. yes, it was quirky and odd, but it was also forgettable and weird. I think she should sign up to get on a Grey's Anatomy soundtrack, asap.

I definitely think Crystal won this tonight in a walk, with Siobhan a close second. The rest were pretty dismal in their showing. Hopefully the men will bring it tonight!

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