Tuesday, March 30, 2010

r and b

Okay, not a really big surprise night on Idol...the ones who usually do well, did, and the ones who don't, didn't.  How's that for a recap?  ;o)

Here's my take:

Siobhan...they were too hard on her, but, she was off pitch in her upper register, which is truly the first time I can say she's been off pitch, to me.  She seemed uncomfortable and I think this was her worst week.  She still, however, kicks ass compared to everyone else, so I think she was just due for a crummy week.

Casey...here are my notes:  'nanny goat vibrato, confident tonight, probably his best night so far.'  "That being said,"... (haha) I still don't really buy his performances and am not a huge fan of his singing.  Still love him on the guitar, though.  (Pssst, Casey...go play guitar in a band and sing backup....)

Michael...Nice soft stuff, cool song, great voice, great control.  He is really an awesome singer.  I didn't know that song, either, but now I think I'll have to get to know it.

Didi...Off pitch...a lot, and I didn't believe anything she sang tonight.  She had bad endings in her phrases, turned her little vocal "thing" on and off all throughout the song...I wrote down, "Blech", which pretty much summed this performance up for me.

Katie...Aretha?!?!  Really?!?!  Don't buy it!  The fake swagger didn't work for me, and I actually wrote this question down:  "Was she a pageant girl?"  She walked like she was one.  She is always trying to "cutesy things up" and use her smile/half smile/looks to try to charm her way through...which is too bad, because under all that fluff there is a voice there.  It's just too hard to sift through all the sugar to get to it.  Again, if she had only waited five-8 years to audition, and lived a little in that time.  Aretha?!

Lee...Seemed more confident tonight, and it worked, 'cause I believe him.  This was my fave night for him so far.  He is better than he's been showing us, for sure.  Hopefully he'll hang on to the confidence and keep getting stronger.

Crystal...I was glad when she stood up and stopped playing the piano...she was thinking about it too much and it detracted from her singing.  I liked her up in the high range, and though I totally understood what Simon was saying about her identity as an artist, I also thought this was a nice performance.  

Aaron...Too big of a song for him, the vibrato was bad, the pitch was off, there was no excitement...for me.  The judges seemed keyed up by it, but through the tv I did not get it.

Tim...The low register was off pitch, the voice sucks, this was worse than watching a high schooler...it was boring, he has a smart-aleck attitude and is cocky without the goods to back it up.  Unless he is a 'vote for the worst' contender, I suspect he will be going home.

Andrew...I like his voice less and less, and I didn't believe this performance or get it.  I thought his voice was very thin, and 'off' tonight.  

So, maybe I was just too tired to focus, but this night didn't really wow me, except for a few performances.

In 'my world', I would be sending Tim or Didi home tomorrow night, with Andrew or Katie as backup possibilities.

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