Wednesday, March 10, 2010

im proooooove ment

Okay, the men definitely made a major improvement, for me, tonight on Idol. Not that I'm saying they were fantastic across the board, but I think all of them sang their personal best tonight.

Here's my thoughts:

Lee DeWyze...was off pitch tonight...maybe 'cause it's just such an exposed melody? I don't know, but it was off-putting for me. This wasn't my favorite of his, and I didn't think it seemed like he was digging it, either.

Alex Lambert...sang a song I love tonight. I think it got better as it went along, and it did seem more in line with his style, but there's still something about his voice that I just can't embrace yet. Hearing the playback at the end while I was in another room made me hear the pitch issues at first, too, and that soured it for me.

Tim Urban...should leave that song well enough alone. It's kind of like trying to do Sinatra's 'My Way' just don't do it. I think Jeff Buckley did the supreme version of that song and it will always stand as the gold standard of a beautiful song, beginning to end. I do think, though, that it was the best he's done so far, and he seemed less like a train wreck to me tonight than he has in the past.

Andrew Garcia...sang a peculiar song, but as far as the arrangement of it went, I kind of liked it. The singing was still strange to me, and I agree he was trying maybe a bit too hard to sell it. He was playing in his ballpark tonight, though, and I could see that songwriting and arranging are definitely in his future, if he would choose that.

Casey James...fought off the stylists a bit tonight, for which I am grateful. I think he was much better than last week, and this was the most I've liked him so far, but he just kinda seems like a wet noodle. I don't get the spark factor, or the looks factor, or anything from him. He seems sweet, and nice, but I don't see him on the big stage singing his heart out to a captive audience. I think he either doesn't feel the songs when he's singing, or is afraid to feel them. Not sure which.

Aaron Kelly...sang another song that should have been left well enough alone. I agreed that he was not old/wise enough for this song, and I didn't buy the 'storytelling/narrative' theme that he was trying to sell the judges. There's something about him....I kept saying while he was singing, "he's reaching, he's reaching...." I don't know how to put it into words, but again, I wish he had waited a few years to try out for this. He is the Katie Stevens of the guys...just young and doe-eyed and swimming in a tank of sharks.

Todrick he's done so far. Love his look, and I think his stage presence is definitely in place. Not sure he had all the notes placed correctly, and it didn't help that most people love Freddie's version of that song. I didn't think it was as good as Todrick thought it was. I agree that Broadway is his area.

Michael Lynche...Yeah, baby! He owned it, he shared it, he loved it. I love his voice, and I do agree that he is the man to beat, followed closely by Lee Dewyze.

I think Ellen should host next year...she would be so much more enjoyable than Ryan, and I just don't really get all of her comments as a judge. I like her talk show, and I think she's very talented and funny, but she acts like she's sitting on a tack most of the time. Maybe she's afraid to cross swords with Simon? I don't know the answer, but it seems she would be great up front.

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