Wednesday, February 24, 2010

wows and woes...

We are still forging ahead with the communication dilemma...the great news is, Mas knows exactly how to navigate around on his iPod, and when he pushes something, it's always an appropriate item. The not so great news is, he is getting increasingly frustrated with the scrolling, (instead of less frustrated) and we are wondering when to throw in the towel and go back to the expensive dinosaur device.

We are still going to give it some time, and hopefully we can train him to get the proper 'touch' so that it won't scroll on him when he's trying to tell someone something. Lastnight I managed to completely redo his setup so there are no second pages on the device whatsoever, so that if he scrolls, it will automatically bop back up to that page, and not go down to another page. We are praying that will be a boon to his training. Luckily, the Proloquo2go forum has proven, once again, to be full of very intelligent, helpful people, and there have been suggestions on how to make this work. It's so cool how the internet can be such a helpful tool!

15 is headed on a vacation for a week for her Robotics competition. (Oh, the technology this family embraces!) There are 8 kids from her school and she is the youngest. She is more in the "watching and soaking things up" stage than the building stage at this point, but she is definitely learning a lot and we think she will learn even more at the competition. It's great for her to see there are a lot of options out there for her someday career...

I managed to watch about 15 minutes of the Temple Grandin savoring it and saving it for when it's quiet around here...which is fairly rare! I love the way they depict the snapshots of the different sensory things she is encountering...and also how the squeak of the marker bothers her, how intriguing the ceiling fan is, etc. I have read two of Temple's books and have a couple more in my "ready to read" pile. She is truly a stellar person and also an example of how the right type of upbringing brought out the best of her abilities. She could have just as easily not accomplished much at all, or spent her days withering away in a home somewhere....very interesting stuff.

Well, as choppy as this post is, that is how choppy our week has been. Just a non-stop fun show of carnival-like activities...seems we are always running in opposite directions. I am trying to stay true to my self-promise to post more often, even when there are no Grand Events taking place to report on. I guess there is always something going on with everyone, if we look hard enough.

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