Monday, February 22, 2010

he walks the line...

The above photo is of Mason catching the opening song for Curious George...his favorite thing ever! We don't always get the tv turned on right at 7 am, but I have been trying to remember to do that in the midst of making oatmeal, doling out meds, packing his backpack, etc....this smile should remind me to get it done on time!

In the spirit of "independent transitioning", I have a great story for you.

The van driver brought Mas into the building today and the secretary called Mason's room. There was no reply. Mason took off for his room. The driver decided to "tail" him and make sure he got there. He stayed back quite a ways and watched. Mas turned two corners, made his way down a long hall, made the next corner, and when the driver turned the last corner to see if Mas went to the room, there was Mason's backpack sitting outside the room, and Mas was inside...completely by himself!

How cool is that?

In every other respect, today was a Monday...just a non-stop barrage of Mondayish things...walked on ice covered with a light layer of snow this morning, which made it incredibly slippery. I went 4 miles, and I counted 8 steps that were on dry sidewalk. (Long walk.) Even the dog was slipping! We are trying to stop Mason's iPod touch from scrolling, so that when he pushes a button, it will respond and not scroll. When it scrolls, it does not speak what he pushed, so it is extra frustrating for him. Even the school sent a note home today that they are seeing him get frustrated with that part of it.

I talked to his speech therapist, and apparently the iPods at school are all able to have their scrolling disabled...but ours is not. She even went so far as to place our iPod by one of the school iPods, did the exact same sequence of buttons, and the school one stopped scrolling and ours did not! (Sigh!) I called Apple and talked to someone there for awhile...quite friendly and concerned, but unable to help. They say it's a Proloquo2go issue, so they suggested we go to them. I have a post on the forum that will (hopefully) yield at least a few suggestions as far as what to do...

I did actually restore the iPod to factory defaults, (gulp) which essentially wiped out everything on the iPod, and then I reinstalled the Proloquo2go program....still, no change. I tried turning the scrolling on, then powering the iPod down, then powering it up, turning the scrolling off, and powering the iPod down, and turning it on again...still, no change. I installed the latest updates for iTunes and for Proloquo2g0...still, no change. I even prayed! Here's hoping we are able to figure it out. I love technology, but not when I can't figure it out! I hate to wave the white flag with the iPod/Proloquo2go option already, but it may happen if we can't get the scrolling to stop...which is too bad, since Mas has had some great moments with it this past week.

He is going to opening (30 minutes, first thing in the morn) with a higher-functioning class, which we have been trying to get them to do for some time. (After working with a PACER representative, we found out enough to know that they had to try him in there before they could tell us he wasn't able to do it.) Luckily for us, he is rocking in there! He is sitting in his chair...not getting up until he's called on...performing his task in front of the others and then going back to his seat...pushing, "Hi, my name is Mason!" when they introduce themselves each high fives when other students ask him for them...having the other students chant, "Mason, Mason he's our man; if he can't do it, no one can!" (The tears are flowing even as I type that.) It's pretty heady stuff to think of your 12 year old non-verbal son perhaps making friends for the first time in 12 years...friends his age, that is. It warms the heart. Once we stop the iPod from scrolling and he has 100% success when he pushes a button, I anticipate many more Grand Moments for Mason in the area of communication.

Yesterday, while he was in the higher-functioning classroom, he navigated to the "friends" page and pushed, "fun." Today, while back in his old room, there was someone screaming and he went to his "feelings" page and pushed, "I don't like that"....repeatedly. Pretty damn cool. It's hard to ask for anything more for him at the moment. Here's hoping he keeps up the good work and shows them all that he has a lot of untapped potential, and that he will eventually be able to spend more and more time with the higher-functioning kids. Here's to advocating for your children....HUZZAH! It pays off, even when it seems like it never will.


Samuel Sennott said...

Hello, Please message us at support@proloquo2Go so we can assist you. Regards, Sam

Monroegirl said...

Hi Sam,

I did post it on the forum and have already gotten ideas...what a great group of people on there! We are so appreciative of any idea to try. I'm sure we will get it all figure out.