Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Color My World

It has been a rough winter so far, as we haven't really had a full week of school in quite awhile. Yesterday and today marked two-hour late starts, (again) and most days are fraught with worry over the roads and Mas traveling an hour one way to school...then, back again that afternoon. I think I echo many people's sentiments in town when I say, "I can't wait for this winter to be over!" The color of this winter? White.

Mas and I made Valentine's this weekend. It was exhausting work. First, I found some cardstock paper, so it would be tougher and less likely to rip. Then, I pulled out the twistable crayons. (Best invention in the children's craft world....ever.) Next, I let him choose which colors to draw with. Then, he would inevitably turn the crayon over and draw with the wrong side, (the plastic-capped end) and then look at me to see why it wasn't working....then, I would turn the crayon over for him, and he would move his hand from the "correct" position to the upside-down hold and it would be wrong again! He would color on one page, and then try to get up from the table...he would throw crayons...he would stick the crayon in his nose and laugh...he would stim on the crayons...he would stop and "snort"...he drew on the table...he eventually only wanted to draw with my magenta Sharpie and had no interest in the crayons. It drove me crazy! ;o) But, he had fun, and we eventually colored enough pages so that I was able to craft them into heart shapes for his staff.

It in no way echoed the drawing times that I used to spend with Riley. They used to be creative, fun, and relaxing. This was messy, exhausting, and at times, frustrating. But, it was also his own little event, he beamed while he was actually coloring, and we were able to craft valentines out of his OWN drawings, which is worth so much. It was a good reminder for me that experiences have to stand on their own, and not be compared to similar experiences. I guess that's what all mothers are striving for. People often ask me what is the toughest part about raising Mas. That's easy...always having to be alert. You can never relax; if you do, you might have a blue table or crayons all over the floor that the dogs will eat or things will get broken and he will get hurt or he will let himself outside and walk into the street...the list is endless. All of the anxiety involved in being on "infant-like alert status" at all times for 12 years and counting will definitely take its' toll...and will most likely shorten our life spans some amount. But, I guess it will be a very colorful life...never boring, to be sure.

Here are some photos to enjoy that probably say more than my words ever could! (Note the messy shirt: weekends are sometimes designated "anti-bib" times...I can't imagine always having to wear a bib around my neck...it would drive me batty!)

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