Wednesday, January 20, 2010

worrying about nothing

Well, after Mason's teacher told me they wanted to have him learn to "independently transition between the van and the classroom..." I had a few reservations. First of all, safety. Would he be safe walking down the hall, going up the elevator, then down another hall and going to the classroom? Secondly, would he be able to pull his backpack on wheels and would he pull it without dropping it? Thirdly, what if he got to the elevator and just rode it for an hour? (hee hee!) Well, after Day One of the wheeled backpack trial, I can report that the van aide told us he pulled up the handle for Mas...and Mas proceeded to pull it into the school without even so much as looking back once. Proving once again that moms can worry themselves into a corner for absolutely no reason! Here's hoping it continues to go so smoothly!

Our iPod touch/Proloquo2go trial is continuing...he is doing pretty well with it; now we just need to all learn where everything is. I tried to set it up as logically as possible...but, you never know how it will make the most sense to him or to the classroom staff. Our finagled strap system for the speaker case is working swimmingly. I have been praying the device works for him so well that it will be his primary device. As we are in the grips of yet another winter storm, (freezing rain, sleet, ice, and snow are on the docket) we will be able to work with him on the device at home and try to smooth out any bugs. Time will tell how this device ends up working as his voice....but, to reiterate where we are as a family...we L O V E this application and the device. It is so easy to add items....just amazingly simple compared to the last one. Keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer that this will work for him!


noturtypicalmama said...

Yea! Glad the morning went well with the van/backpack dilemma. We have to celebrate small successes! Love the 'face of happy' pic- so sweet.

Monroegirl said...

thanks! i agree; the small things are truly the important stuff of life!