Sunday, December 27, 2009

in the trenches

Well, we are knee deep into our Proloquo2go trial now...there are good and bad things happening, so far.

First of all, Mas is able to scroll, which is really cool. But, sometimes he inadvertently scrolls when he is pushing a button and not watching what he's doing...which results in nothing being said and he gets frustrated. Also, sometimes he is pushing a little too long, (leftover habit from the Palmtop 3) and then it pulls up an edit option for the item he is pushing. All of these things are "tweakable"...I just need to spend some time on the forum and see how to go about it. He does like the pictures of the family on there, and smiles whenever he sees the cows, lights, or dogs on the screen! :o) I think he is just like the rest of us, though; a creature of habit. We are all resistant to change in this house, and he is no different. Hopefully things will pick up with it a little bit as time goes on.

Our winter storm brought about 20 inches of snow to the area, give or take an inch or two....ridiculous amounts of snow! It has been snowing here for 5 days straight now. The shoveling and snowblowing has been insane! Lots of closeness in the house and it's safe to say we are all suffering a bit from cabin fever! Time to take a ride today and see if we can get to grandma's house.

That's about it from our house. Here's hoping January calms down in the precipitation arena.

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