Tuesday, November 3, 2009

fall back!

Time flies, doesn't it? I guess the fall has gotten away from me. Between the gloomy, cold, rain-filled days in October and the gloomy, cold, rain-filled start to November, I guess I have failed at my post. Or my posting.

Fall has brought with it a fair amount of running around, playing taxi driver, speech device troubles, the time change, wondering about the who/what/where/why of the h1n1 vaccine, and about a 3 week bout of some nasty viral illness. While both kids were swabbed and supposedly negative for the dreaded flu, '15' coughed for 3 1/2 weeks straight, and I was flat on the couch for one solid week, with a nasty cough for a good 3 weeks. Ugh. Luckily, Mas managed to get his seasonal influenza shot in between the madness, and he was only sick for about one week. We are now scrambling to try to get him the h1n1 vaccine as soon as possible.

Halloween came and went, with Mas being able to trick-or-treat at school. He was a hunter again this year; mainly due to the ease of the costume and no problems with non-compliance if we were to dress him as, say, Elmo or Lightning McQueen. He ate a Reese's the other day, and looked at me as if to say, "You've been holding out!" So funny! We started a bladder/bowel therapy for him that proves to be promising. Nice, sneaky ways to add fiber to his diet and hopefully control the nighttime wetting. (According to his therapist, constipation is the #1 cause of nighttime wetting...who knew?) We found him a pretty neat laser device that shoots green laser stars onto the ceiling, and they morph into different designs. He is enamored of this. Other than that, Mas is just cruising through fall and holding his own with his little world.

'15' is loving Chemistry, her Engineering class, and band at the moment. She has her symphonic band tryout this week, so her and I have been playing trumpet together again. (Warms mom's heart!!) She is finally well, so we are relived that she isn't coughing all night long anymore.

Here are some pics of the kids from Halloween. Hard to believe the Next Big Holiday is Thanksgiving. Where is the time going? It really is true that time seems to speed up as we age. Enjoy the last few days of fall while we have them! I fear it won't be long until winter rears it's chilly head.

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