Tuesday, September 1, 2009

ushering out the summer

Well, the great Turner County Fair was a few weeks ago, and we ended up going a couple of days. Riley, who is normally not into stuff like that, ended up enjoying it! Imagine! She had a cool t-shirt made, so that was a highlight for her. Mas, who usually isn't great in crowds, was thrilled to see a cow, up close and personal! I have to say I think it made his year! Here are some pics of their fair experience.

Last week we had a scary experience. I was feeling Mason's teeth one morning, oblivious to any problems, and felt his furthest back molar. It felt like chalk, and felt like only half of it was there. (Which is odd, since he's been going to the dentist every three months now, precisely to avoid things like this...) I managed to snag him an appointment that same day, and the dentist took x-rays, and then proceeded to tell me he had a tumor in his maxillary bone, and we had to go see the oral surgeon right away....he said there were 6 things it could be, and the 2 benign things weren't a possibility, since it appeared to be attacking his tooth roots...he then said it could possibly be cancer. I was reeling. He even cancelled our upcoming checkup, because, in his words, "Cavities are the least of your worries now." We went home and cried and read too much and cried some more. Next day, we saw the oral surgeon, who said there was no tumor...said Mas has "radiolucent tissue" in his gums, which normal almost-12-year-olds do not have, and also, Mas has very short teeth roots, which we have heard before. Then, he said the x-ray was developed too dark, which made for "artifact". He also said his tight masseter muscle makes it all but impossible for me to reach that rear tooth when brushing his teeth...which helped to absolve me of any dental sins I may have inadvertently committed...(Yes, I have learned my vocab words for the week.) We were so happy the dentist was wrong, that we weren't even upset about how wrong he was. The interesting part is, I asked my facebook buddies to pray for Mas, and then we got that good news...which makes me wonder if God didn't play a part in this. I would like to think so. We are feeling very blessed and very lucky. Yesterday, he had his tooth extracted, and the oral surgeon said everything else looked great. Can you say, WHEW?! We can...and also, thank you, Lord!


Jamie said...

The kids look good and happy! Great post. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures!

Monroegirl said...

thanks! i haven't taken any in so long; it was nice to get some again!