Tuesday, September 22, 2009

blog-worthy stuff

Three blog-worthy events from yesterday:

1) While Mas was eating breakfast, Skipper (our springer spaniel) was being silly behind Mason's shoulder. I said, "Mason, watch Skipper." Mas pointed to his watch, then pointed to Skipper. Then, he looked at me and pointed at his watch again, then pointed to Skipper. ("watch...skipper!!") Very cool!

2) About five minutes later, Mas signed "ni-night." I said, "what about ni-night?" He then signed, "lightning". I said, "It was lightning lastnight, wasn't it, Mas?" (We had a nice little thunderstorm with tons of lightning the night before.) It was really neat; almost like he was forming sentences with the very limited signs he has!

3) 15 decided to join band again....now that the toxic director is gone. She is too late to have a spot to march trumpet on the field, (since they already had a competition last Saturday) but, she is going to play synthesizer in the pit. Pretty cool, especially since it was all her idea!

That's about it for blog-worthy news from here. I'm just patiently waiting for more cool weather to arrive.


Jamie said...

You and your KIDS ROCK!!!! What great news about both! Mas the conversationalist! I love it! 15, she is pretty amazing. She will do awesome wherever she is in the band. Very cool.

Monroegirl said...

Thanks, Jamers! They are amazing kids...I am proud to be their mom!