Monday, July 13, 2009


My 15 year old is driving.  Driving.  To see her behind that wheel, is, well, bizarre.  If that doesn't age you, nothing will.  

Our 11 year old is losing his speech therapist; the greatest cheerleader he had at school.  The one who gave him his voice.  Argh.  If that doesn't bring ya down, nothing will.

The heavens just keep opening up and crying all over the place...(literally and figuratively)...but, literally in the form of lots and lots of rain.  So much rain, we have a multitude of mushrooms growing in the yard.  I keep thinking; all we need now is some heat, and then the garden will take off.  It seems we are all always wanting for something...the next piece of the puzzle that will make our world make sense.  Here's hoping I can remember to sit back and try not to worry too much about what comes next.  Instead, here's hoping I learn how to care for myself so that I'm ready for the next inch of rain...or, the 100 degree weather that is usually common this time of year.  And then, to be ready for the constant stream of vegetables that will enter the kitchen...if I'm lucky enough to enjoy a bountiful harvest.  So many things have to go right for that to happen.  

Too much rain, and the garden will get a fungus.  Not enough rain, and you have to water with the hose, which the garden doesn't like as well.  A little hail, and your crops are gone.  Strong winds, and you may lose half of your plants.  Lack of fertilizer, and there will be no fruit on the plants.  A lot of weeds, and they'll choke out your plants....lots to think about.

The bottom line is: this is your life, folks, and you're living it.  Here's hoping you get the right amounts of rain, food, and sunshine to have your own bountiful harvest.  And here's hoping you're ready for whatever the world gives you.

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