Thursday, June 4, 2009

the d words

I have decided divorce is pretty damn close to a death.  Feels the same, smells the same, looks the same.  Five days into this, I can only say that I will never go through this again, because I will never marry again.  It has been the most excruciating week of my life.  Argh.  People are offering up plenty of suggestions, but it's my own mind that I need to listen to now.  The future was hard enough to consider while I was married, but it's even scarier to know I'll be raising a special needs son and a teenage daughter in the future, who will be spending the majority of their time with me.  I have decided that infidelity has to be one of the worst marriage stressors to go through.  I wonder why women treat each other like this?  I am hopeful that karma makes it so that every woman who sleeps with a married man ends up being cheated on.  That would be a nice circular punishment, don't you think?

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