Tuesday, June 23, 2009

chocolate birthday

Here's to great friends:  here's to turning 40 amidst pizza, french fries, a hilarious shirt, a painstakingly-crafted lollipop display, and a multitude of chocolate....(not to being in the middle of a divorce, for one night.)  It was a miserable day as far as being without my best friend, but it was wonderful to spend the day with my mom, and to spend the evening with my friends.  If this is what 40 is all about, I'll take it!


Jamie said...

HILARIOUS! LOVE the 40 sucks. Who is the genius? I might have to copy that!

Monroegirl said...

my friend roger! his wife is the music secretary at sdsu, where i went to college...they are very creative! it's foam core/styrofoam inside and they just push the suckers in...sooooo funny!