Monday, May 4, 2009

Well, the swine flu is officially becoming a pain in my side.  We received a letter from Mason's school that they may have to close if they get a confirmed case of the swine flu.  Just to clear things up for you, his school is kind of a germ it's just a matter of time until the flu reaches the school.  Take a whole building full of neurologically affected kiddos, a bunch of staff who work with them, and parents who don't keep sick kids home, and you have a recipe for disaster.  (Or, a recipe for FUN, if you're a virus...)  Mas's regularly scheduled summer break is coming up the end of May, so hopefully they can hold out until then.  I hope there is a lot of bleach cleaning going on in the meantime!  

To avoid planting with a little Mas tromping through the gardens, I decided to throw caution to the wind and plant everything yesterday.  I planted flowers in the front and my tomatoes in the back.  We'll see if it was too early.  Here are some "before" pics of what is out there.  (Not much to look at now, but this should change as the summer unfolds...)  I planted my peppers from seed this year, which is very hard for me.  Planting seeds is more of a roulette kind of gardening...not my favorite way to go about it.  We'll see if the conditions were right for germination.  Meanwhile, here's hoping for some warmth and low winds, and warming nighttime temps.  The birdbath was my Mother's Day gift...I like looking at it, but am not sure what the birds think yet.  You can see Mas and Skip looking out the door while I was taking pics...Mas loves the round spinny things hanging in the entry.  

The cool hawk picture is a dude that usually flies over our yard every afternoon...last week, he made a stop in our tree and sat there, menacingly....I think he might be a sparrow hawk, but I'm not sure.

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