Sunday, May 10, 2009

things are going along just swimmingly here....

It was a Banner Day for the Georgeson's on Friday!  (And believe you me, we were due for one...perhaps, overdue!)  For starters, 14 secured Student of the Month at her high school.  There were 2 in the freshman class, which has around 90 students in it.  That was very exciting!  Secondly, she needed an 85% on her pre-engineering course in order for us to be able to pay for college credit for the course.  She scored a 90%!  Not only that, but throughout the day on Friday, only one other student in another class scored the same score, and no one scored any higher than a 90!  We were all THRILLED!  She even beat out some seniors who are going on to major in engineering!  We were flyin' high after that news!  It was great for her to see that hard work pays off, and that it's okay to be smart...something that is hard to make her believe.  She was beaming, and talking a mile a minute, and it was a beautiful thing to watch!

Later in the afternoon, I went to watch Mas swim at school.  He had 4 little styrofoam squares (about 6 X 6 inches) strapped to his back.  He was dancing around in the 3 foot, and I was watching him and visiting with his teacher, the aides, and the adaptive aquatics instructor that was there.  All of the sudden, Mas started S W I M M I N G to the 4 foot....then the 5 foot....then the 6, 7, and 8 foot!  I gasped and asked the teacher if it was okay for him when he reached the 5 foot...she said, "He swims to the end of the pool all the time in the last 4-5 weeks!"  (WHAT?)  How cool is that?!  He swam to the 8 foot, climbed on top of a floating mat, then rolled off into the water, dunked his head under water with his MOUTH CLOSED, and then proceeded to swim back to the 3 foot.  I was dumbfounded.  It was crazy!  I have never seen him doing anything like that in the water....even though I have worked and worked on getting him to use his arms and legs for a really long time, I've never seen him do it.  It was incredible.  After I recovered a modicum of composure, I asked him if he could swim to the red mat again.  And he did.  Yeah, a B I G day for us, all around the board!  He looked like a normal kid in the water while he was swimming, and it was almost surreal to watch him and think, is that Mas?!  SO bizarre!

It was a much needed infusion of GOOD NEWS that we were needing, and we are feeling very thankful about it today.  I plan to ride the high of Friday as long as it will let me!

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