Friday, May 1, 2009


The gardens are a callin'....but, the weather is still being a persistent little bugger.  I have seeds in the ground, but my tomato plants are still hangin' in the garage, waiting for some warmer evenings.  Sunday night we are supposed to reach 37 degrees, so after that I am in the clear.  I believe tonight it is supposed to be 34, and Tuesday is supposed to be 47.  Hmmm.  Since I always have my garden in by the first of May, today will see me a bit impatient, I suppose.  

Today I am recalling a school psychologist (Bruce Rens; thank you for doing such an awesome job and for being so knowledgeable) who told us that while a neurologically "normal" kiddo takes 3-4 times to master a task, it will take Mason around 2,000.  I was thinking about that yesterday when I was trying to put Mason in underwear after school.  After two bowel movements in said undies, I wondered how many times we have tried this....way more than 2,000.  (In lighter news, I have been changing diapers for just about 15 years now.  I would never have imagined this would be my life.)  I need to buckle down and only offer underwear during Mason's next 2 week break at home, and see if we can crack this toilet training, once and for all.  As far as the 2,000 I believe that to be true?  Yup, I do.  I am sure I have told Mason "no" at least that many times when he is around the stove, the street, the water, heights, etc.  It's a cruel fate, having brain damage.  It kind of kicks you into thinking about perspective.  No matter what your day brings today, hopefully you have control of your bowels and urine and are able to speak and let people know what you're thinking.  If we can all do that, we're doing pretty damn good.  Even if it is too cold to put in a garden.... 

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