Saturday, May 30, 2009

scenes from a campground

I did the unthinkable Tuesday, taking Mason camping...without his dad or sister along for help.  (Grandma and Auntie were along, though.)  Mas was amazing.  He was truly a "Happy Camper", the entire time.  Through 4 1/2 hours of driving, 45 degrees all the way to 85 degrees, he was happy and cooperative; loving the scenery and the fishing and the late night bedtimes.  He clamped his mouth shut when offered a s'more, however.  Not sure what happened there, as he loved them last year.  I pulled our camper with our pickup, which was a new thing for me, as well as navigating road construction.  I was proud of us!  (Of course, it helps to have a sister along who is a Master Camper, and having grandma along is a definite plus on any trip involving Mas.)  My sister caught a 19 1/2" walleye, and my mom caught a 16" walleye.  We caught numerous brown trout, too.  It was definitely the best shore fishing we've ever had while camping there.  It was a great time!  Here are a few of the cuter pics of our trip.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

a picture is worth how many words?

Here are some funny pics of Mas...blurry, yes, but I think they are so telling about his personality!  They make me laugh whenever I see them!  (Laughing is good nowadays!)

Purple Heys

Hey there, martins, welcome back!  They were slow showing themselves this year, but it's nice to finally see them in the house.  It seems the purple is more brilliant this year, but it's hard to notice it on such a cloudy day.  When the sun peeks out again, I'll see if I have time to snap a picture of their shimmery purpleness.  Yeah.  (I'm sure the shade is exactly like last year, but, it sure seems shimmery!...say that three times fast!)

14 ends her freshman year tomorrow.  Woo-Hoo!  She is ready to be done and embrace the summer.  Mas has his last day before a two week break tomorrow.  I am hoping to videotape him swimming and then attempt to put it on the blog.  We'll see how long it takes for technophobia to hit me.  I don't know how it's done, but I will at least give it the ol' college try!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

don't cry for Adam...

Well, hopefully Kris Allen is frantically trying to find a vocal coach right now....and hopefully Brian May is backstage talking to Adam about filling Freddie's big shoes.  That's what I'm talkin' about!  I know I will never turn up a Kris song, but I will definitely be jammin' to Adam in the future!  Bring on the next generation of Queen!


Okay, we went from low 50s, to 85, to 96!!  All in the span of about four days!  I know we wanted it warmer, but come on!  I guess us Midwesterners are just whiners!

And in other news, although I don't consider myself a scaredy-cat per se, and I can easily thumb a largemouth bass; clean any fish; hook leeches, minnows, and nightcrawlers; gill hold a muskie, etc., I am a big chicken when it comes to spiders.  Probably has something to do with waking up one morning in high school and looking eye-to-eye with a spider right on my pillow...or any other number of freakish spider tales that we all have.  One that particularly stands out is when Mas was a baby and wouldn't eat, and I would literally sit in a chair for hours every day and try to get him to drink.  Riley was 3 1/2 years old and, unfortunately, ended up playing by herself a lot at that age, and we were in Ohio, which was not home to any grandmas.  One afternoon, she came around from behind my chair and said, "Look, mom!"  In her left hand was a huge black spider, one of those nasty furry ones that seem to evoke images of terror in most of us.  Where was her right hand, you might ask?  Her right hand was petting it.  I freaked out, started screaming, and she got scared (rightly so, when observing the fit her mother was having) and we ran to the kitchen and I was trying to get her to let go of it.  She finally did, and it proceeded to scamper (I should use the word "lumber", in reference to it's Amazonian bulk) directly underneath one of my stove burners....where it never showed itself again.  I opened the top of the stove, searched for it incessantly, but never found it.  (Riley went on to love frogs, bugs, snakes....she even had a pet praying mantid at one point...we were all sure she would go on to be an entomologist!)  Anywhoo, let it be said that I do not like spiders.  Any size, shape, or type.

This morning, when getting into my car, I noticed a brown splotch on the driveway right behind my car.  I went to kick it out into the driveway, thinking it was a leaf.  (Did I mention we have 40 mph winds today that have blown half a field worth of corn husks into the yard?)  Right before my shoe made contact with it, I stopped, and noticed it...was...a....SPIDER!  A BIG one, no less.  Here's photographic evidence.  I have no idea what type it is, but it is definitely the type I don't want to see again.  That, I am sure of.  Shudder....  

As luck would have it, the garage door is what killed it.  Think of how perfectly that had to be lined up!  Whew!!  You'll notice it just clipped the humongous stomach area and smashed a couple legs.  A few centimeters in either direction, and that thing would have been paying rent in amongst my gardening tools.  Thank you, divine intervention.

Monday, May 18, 2009

blue skies....

Smilin' at me...nothing but blue skies, do I see....

Yes, friends, it was 85 degrees today!  ABOVE ZERO!  Let's just say everyone's mood has improved considerably!  So nice to be outside without a jacket and not be cold!  I'll take it.

The garden seems relieved, as well.  Here's hoping for more than one day of this bee-yooo-tiful weather!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Been dealing with cold temps here the past few nights.  I even had to break out the sheets and clothespins and cover my garden, as well as take in all of my potted plants.  It is the middle of May, Mother could cut us some slack!  My cashier at the grocery store yesterday noted that "everyone is cranky because of the weather."  I wholeheartedly agree.  It would be nice to be able to go outside and not be least just for a day or two.  Did I also mention it's incredibly windy?  Yeah.  Not a great spring for gardeners, that's for sure.  Today we are supposed to reach 67 degrees, (I'll believe that one when I feel it!) and tomorrow they are forecasting 81.  Ahh, the midwest.  What a lovely place to be in the spring.  We have yet to go fishing, and I have yet to take a bike ride.  One of these days, the warmth will show up and will stay for awhile.  Like, through the summer!  I can't wait!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

things are going along just swimmingly here....

It was a Banner Day for the Georgeson's on Friday!  (And believe you me, we were due for one...perhaps, overdue!)  For starters, 14 secured Student of the Month at her high school.  There were 2 in the freshman class, which has around 90 students in it.  That was very exciting!  Secondly, she needed an 85% on her pre-engineering course in order for us to be able to pay for college credit for the course.  She scored a 90%!  Not only that, but throughout the day on Friday, only one other student in another class scored the same score, and no one scored any higher than a 90!  We were all THRILLED!  She even beat out some seniors who are going on to major in engineering!  We were flyin' high after that news!  It was great for her to see that hard work pays off, and that it's okay to be smart...something that is hard to make her believe.  She was beaming, and talking a mile a minute, and it was a beautiful thing to watch!

Later in the afternoon, I went to watch Mas swim at school.  He had 4 little styrofoam squares (about 6 X 6 inches) strapped to his back.  He was dancing around in the 3 foot, and I was watching him and visiting with his teacher, the aides, and the adaptive aquatics instructor that was there.  All of the sudden, Mas started S W I M M I N G to the 4 foot....then the 5 foot....then the 6, 7, and 8 foot!  I gasped and asked the teacher if it was okay for him when he reached the 5 foot...she said, "He swims to the end of the pool all the time in the last 4-5 weeks!"  (WHAT?)  How cool is that?!  He swam to the 8 foot, climbed on top of a floating mat, then rolled off into the water, dunked his head under water with his MOUTH CLOSED, and then proceeded to swim back to the 3 foot.  I was dumbfounded.  It was crazy!  I have never seen him doing anything like that in the water....even though I have worked and worked on getting him to use his arms and legs for a really long time, I've never seen him do it.  It was incredible.  After I recovered a modicum of composure, I asked him if he could swim to the red mat again.  And he did.  Yeah, a B I G day for us, all around the board!  He looked like a normal kid in the water while he was swimming, and it was almost surreal to watch him and think, is that Mas?!  SO bizarre!

It was a much needed infusion of GOOD NEWS that we were needing, and we are feeling very thankful about it today.  I plan to ride the high of Friday as long as it will let me!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Well, the swine flu is officially becoming a pain in my side.  We received a letter from Mason's school that they may have to close if they get a confirmed case of the swine flu.  Just to clear things up for you, his school is kind of a germ it's just a matter of time until the flu reaches the school.  Take a whole building full of neurologically affected kiddos, a bunch of staff who work with them, and parents who don't keep sick kids home, and you have a recipe for disaster.  (Or, a recipe for FUN, if you're a virus...)  Mas's regularly scheduled summer break is coming up the end of May, so hopefully they can hold out until then.  I hope there is a lot of bleach cleaning going on in the meantime!  

To avoid planting with a little Mas tromping through the gardens, I decided to throw caution to the wind and plant everything yesterday.  I planted flowers in the front and my tomatoes in the back.  We'll see if it was too early.  Here are some "before" pics of what is out there.  (Not much to look at now, but this should change as the summer unfolds...)  I planted my peppers from seed this year, which is very hard for me.  Planting seeds is more of a roulette kind of gardening...not my favorite way to go about it.  We'll see if the conditions were right for germination.  Meanwhile, here's hoping for some warmth and low winds, and warming nighttime temps.  The birdbath was my Mother's Day gift...I like looking at it, but am not sure what the birds think yet.  You can see Mas and Skip looking out the door while I was taking pics...Mas loves the round spinny things hanging in the entry.  

The cool hawk picture is a dude that usually flies over our yard every afternoon...last week, he made a stop in our tree and sat there, menacingly....I think he might be a sparrow hawk, but I'm not sure.

Friday, May 1, 2009


The gardens are a callin'....but, the weather is still being a persistent little bugger.  I have seeds in the ground, but my tomato plants are still hangin' in the garage, waiting for some warmer evenings.  Sunday night we are supposed to reach 37 degrees, so after that I am in the clear.  I believe tonight it is supposed to be 34, and Tuesday is supposed to be 47.  Hmmm.  Since I always have my garden in by the first of May, today will see me a bit impatient, I suppose.  

Today I am recalling a school psychologist (Bruce Rens; thank you for doing such an awesome job and for being so knowledgeable) who told us that while a neurologically "normal" kiddo takes 3-4 times to master a task, it will take Mason around 2,000.  I was thinking about that yesterday when I was trying to put Mason in underwear after school.  After two bowel movements in said undies, I wondered how many times we have tried this....way more than 2,000.  (In lighter news, I have been changing diapers for just about 15 years now.  I would never have imagined this would be my life.)  I need to buckle down and only offer underwear during Mason's next 2 week break at home, and see if we can crack this toilet training, once and for all.  As far as the 2,000 I believe that to be true?  Yup, I do.  I am sure I have told Mason "no" at least that many times when he is around the stove, the street, the water, heights, etc.  It's a cruel fate, having brain damage.  It kind of kicks you into thinking about perspective.  No matter what your day brings today, hopefully you have control of your bowels and urine and are able to speak and let people know what you're thinking.  If we can all do that, we're doing pretty damn good.  Even if it is too cold to put in a garden....