Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wave those bows!

Who can get violinists to wave their bows over their heads?  Adam Lambert, that's who.  :o)  That made me smile!  I don't even like Born to Be Wild, but I do think Adam made me want to sit and listen to it.  (I even told my husband during his performance that Adam should go sing with Queen and fill Freddie's shoes...probably the only person who could...)  Anoop bored me, while L'il Rounds was just way too off-pitch to be singing gospel...whether you enjoy gospel music or not, the people that sing it well can SING, my friends.  She was just not centering her pitches, and it felt very calculated to me.  Kris was, again, boring and very measured out...blah.  Allison, for the first time, sounded to me like she was over-singing...she didn't impress me as much last night as she usually does.  (And she should have keyed up about a step and a half...those low notes were painful!)  Danny also had an off night, I thought, even though I love the song, Simon was right in that it was just the same song sung by someone else....nothing new was done to it.  Matt, again, confused me.  I don't know why they think he's so talented; unless he comes across completely differently on the screen as he does in person.  I don't know who will go tonight, but if it were up to me, I would choose Matt, Anoop, or L'il, or Kris!  I would probably say it's time for Kris to go.  He is so full of himself, it's hard to watch, and his little grins and smirks just make me feel like I want to turn the channel.  My second choice would be L'il.  She has never really had an "on" night, in my opinion, and her song choices have been unfortunate.  In other news, I thought Quentin Tarantino was a hoot!  He must be borderline savant or something...he puts the "Q" in quirky!  He was, however, pretty much spot on with the contestants, and even though the delivery of his messages was odd, he told them what they needed to hear.  I heard Simon has one year left on his contract; if he leaves, I'll be done with it.  Most nights, he is the only one using his ears in the assessment.  I hope he sticks around.  Meanwhile, I will continue to be amazed that violinists were waving their bows in the they just didn't

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