Thursday, April 9, 2009


It was like Christmas morning watching Kellie Pickler suck on stage last night....ahhhh, just like the good old days when she was on the show.  I was dying to see a closeup shot of Simon during that horrific scene that was unfolding on stage.  Just proves, once again, that breaking out in the country music world takes little more than a drawl and a sad life story.  Wow.  It was awful.  I actually watched it all, though, only choking on my water once.  14 came up to watch, and said, "What is this?"  (I was so proud!)  She couldn't believe she was on tv.  If Kellie Pickler ever makes it into the Grand Ole Opry, that will totally ruin my perception of that little ole club.

Scott went home, which was overdue.  He did a better job at first, without his guitar, but at the end the screeching came out and his pitches were like a drunkard's darts on a dartboard.  I can't believe two people wanted to save him...I assume it was Kara and Paula.  I'm hoping Kris and Matt are the next two to go, followed by Anoop.  I just do not understand Matt's appeal, at all.  

In other news, the snow is almost gone, which is a welcome sight.  Here's hoping spring decides to hop on in this weekend.

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