Wednesday, March 11, 2009

wet words

The Palmtop 3 still has water sloshing around inside of, it's off to Dynavox for a complete overhaul.  I have yet to hear how it happened, as the therapist has not contacted us.  Kind of a frustrating set of circumstances.  The worse news is, his ol' dinosaur Go Talk is also not, we have no backup communication for Mas.  To say he is frustrated is putting it mildly.  Yesterday he was home due to weather, so I was able to see the frustration build up in him all day long; as he tried to tell me things, but was unable.  I guess, to look at the positive side, it makes me realize how fortunate we were before.  The soonest the Palmtop will be fixed?  Maybe by the end of next week.  (!!!!)  (And no phone call from the person to tell us what happened?  Or how she knows it won't happen again??  HELLO?!)  We are thinking maybe the school will have to buy their own $5,500 device, and then they can be out when it hits the toilet.  Hmmmm....something to ponder.  In the meantime, it's back to the olden days, watching Mas struggle to share things with no way to do it....ARGH!

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