Thursday, March 19, 2009

throw over the fence the horse some hay

Well, one of my top 4's from Idol is GONE!  Wow.  I am shocked, but I will concede and say that song was not such a great pick, eh?  (I did hear they had to pick from songwriters that were members of the Grand Ole Opry, which probably limited their choices, and I also heard rumblings that there have been "deals" made every year in Idol to get particular songs on the show.)  Whether that's true or not, no one can argue that the "deer-in-the-headlights" "sing-for-your-life" last chance that Alexis had was excruciatingly painful to watch.  She was trying too hard, with a song that was not going to be there for her.  Ouch.  I do think she is far more talented than the majority of the people who are left, and now one of my top four faves is gone.  I still say my top ones are:  Alison, Adam, Danny.  Alexis was number 4.  I'm not sure who I would put up in her place now.  My faves are based purely on raw talent, not based on clothing, personal life, personality, etc.  I just like to know who can SING!  I will listen to music on the radio that I like, and I usually don't care much what those people do in their spare time.  If Idol were a radio show, the entire contest would be decided by raw talent.  Anywhoo, I'm sad Alexis is gone, and I hope she takes about 2 weeks off and then hits up some agents.  She is talented and I think there was more to her voice than that song showed.  I think Michael Sarver's days are numbered, and I think the girls have a lot of refining to do and they especially need to learn how to control their voices, in both the loud and soft parts; as well as the high and low registers.  I think the rest of the men just need to be a lot smarter about picking out songs.  Next week is Motown, so the majority of this years' Idol wannabes will definitely be more in their element.  

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