Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Marchin' Along

Here are some views from my world this morning...the top pic is the view from my computer chair, obscured by ice on the window.  In the short time it took to me to take Riley up to school this morning, my (completely clean when I left) windshield became coated with ice.  I couldn't keep it clean!  Mason left for school in the van, only to turn around about 10 miles away from home.  When they dropped him off, their van was coated in ice...very thick ice.  I am listening to the freezing rain hit the window, and am waiting for the wind and snow that is coming behind it.  Could be a long, cold, miserable day!  At least Mas is home and we are a short drive from Riley.  I saw one accident up at school, and the van driver told me that ten cars were pulled over trying to remove ice from their windshields.  Ahhh, March...what a lovely month in Minnesota!

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