Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lift Me Up!

Idol got a much-needed infusion of energy tonight, for the most part.  Perusing the Jackson catalog is like letting a four year old run rampant in a candy store...they may come running out with milk chocolate, gummi bears, or anise candy.  Regardless of where Jackson and his family fall on the popular vote right now, the man could sing and dance back in the day; in a way that many cannot.  His songs, while sounding easy and effortless, are for the most part, tricky lil' devils to reproduce.  

Lil' Rounds started the night by oversinging (shrieking at times) The Way You Make Me Feel...Lil', you make me feel nervous about your future on Idol.  That's how you make me feel.  She is better than that, and whether it was a mike issue or a nerve issue, it was unacceptable. 

Scotty Boy sang Keep The Faith, I believe; which was a song I was unfamiliar with.  He was okay, but not what I was hoping for with the keys under his fingers.  He was also off pitch quite a bit, which was sad to hear.  

Danny Gokey, one of my early faves, nailed PYT, which was so energetic, I thought I was tuning in to a different show!  He was brave to pick that song, I thought, and I did think his movements were real, which I appreciated.  Is he going to be a great choreographer someday?  No, but I do believe he was moved by the music, so he was great in my book!  

Michael Sarver, while doing better than usual, is still not my fave.  His voice is....what is the best explanation...lacking in timbre??  Thin?  I'm not sure I've found the descriptor yet, but it leaves me wanting something else.  I like the guy, and my hubby is a fan of his, but I don't think he has what it takes to make it much farther.  

Jasmine tried to sing I'll Be There...here's the thing...when Mariah Carey, (in her pre-raspy days when she used to BELT the songs straight from her SOUL) sings a Jackson Five song and knocks it completely off the map, there is no reason to repeat it...ditto for a young MJ singing that with his brothers.  Leave it alone, baby!  I know Jasmine is as cute as a button, and she is marketable, but I do not think she has the chops.  To me, she was flat on many of the longer notes, and just left me uncomfortable to listen to her.  

Kris Allen did Do you Remember, and I would just say I wish I could forget.  Blech.  He was yelling, his runs were way off pitch, and it was just yucky.  

Allison?  Yeah.  AMAZING.  You can hear how much more she has in her voice, and she KNOWS how to REIN IT IN.  She should give lessons on voice control to everyone else in the Top 13.  I don't know if she has had extensive vocal training, or if that is innate ability, but, HALLELUJAH!  She is in my top 2, for sure!  

Anoop did a horrendous version of Beat It, in my mind....another song which should just be left well enough alone.  It is really MJ's song, and to try to get up there and yell it, (even with cool green background stuff going on) is not doing it for me.  

Jorge just made a poor choice in song, and I did not like him in that key.  He looked uncomfortable, unsure, and I think that song really threw the viewers.  My two cents. 

Megan did Rockin' Robin; uncomfortable to watch, wrong type of song, just weird.  I like her, but I hear in her voice what she is hiding in there, and I wish she would let it out.  I think the more nervous she gets, the more she shakes her hips...unfortunate.  

Adam Lambert!  HELLO!  It is definitely black and white who else is in my top 2!  Adam has that "Jagger Swagger" that grabs your eye and does not let go.  The boy can sing, he can move, he can penetrate with that gaze; he is definitely the package.  (Note to whomever is running the show, though...turn Adam's mike down just a tic, will ya?  He is not oversinging, he just projects....he needs a different volume than the rest!)  

Alexis finished out the night with Dirty Diana, which I thought was a brave song choice, and I think she did pretty well, although not as well as I anticipated she would do.

All in all, a great night in scary territory.  My rankings tonight would have to be:  1) Adam, 2) Allison, 3) Danny, and 4) Alexis....5) - 13) is just everyone else!  If I had to guess who would be voted off, I would have to say either Kris, Anoop, Megan, Michael, and Jasmine are up for it.

Fun night, though, and I appreciated the fact that the judges are starting to pull away from who they would like to see win, and instead listening to what is being put in front of them at the moment.  As it should be.

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