Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Here's my quick two cents for the Randy Travis-assisted country night:

Michael Sarver--To me, this was wordy and weird, and a really strange choice for Idol.  I didn't feel he was really singing.  Also, historically, it's never a good idea to disagree with Simon.  I'm just sayin'.

Allison Iraheta--I felt she was oversinging a bit, (the very first time I've thought that of her) and maybe just a tick overconfident at times.  That being said, the girl can SING, and Randy nailed it when he said it was "dope."

Kris Allen--I felt his voice was thin and hollow-sounding.  (I actually wrote "meh" in my notes on him.)  To sing such a feeling-laden song with such awesome lyrics and still not be able to emote, well, wow, what can you say about that?  It should have been easy to make us believe him, but I didn't buy it.

L'il Rounds--It was like watching Stevie Wonder at a hoedown.  Ouch.  Out of tune and she didn't believe it herself.  

Adam (RangeMaster) Lambert--His falsetto should be called a "truesetto."  Wow.  Whether you liked the song or not, the boy can sing.  S I N G.  Johnny Cash may not have liked the version of his song, but he would have appreciated the fact that Adam didn't sell out, and also Adam's attitude and ability to stay true to himself.  Props.

Scott McIntyre--His enunciation leaves me scratching my head at times...his low register was just plain rough and he was out of tune a lot....again....:o(  I was again sad that he wasn't better.  His piano playing is smooth and amazing, however.

Alexis--Her Jolene was pretty cool; I do think I bought where she was coming from with it, but I'm not sure about that song for Idol.  I do love her voice, though.

Danny Gokey--(See earlier post about Stevie stuck on the haybale.)  He seemed very uncomfortable and I also didn't like the harmonies of the background vocalists.  The arrangement sounded weird to me.  I did like his energy later when he got to the "power vocals in the money key."  (They should keep him there as much as possible.)

Anoop Desai--This was nice, in tune, and controlled.  Yeah!

Megan Corkrey--She is finally starting to show us her voice in there...she just has to be careful of certain pronunciations and believe in where she's heading vocally.  Amazing that she had the flu and did this.  I still dislike that hip movement.  

Matt Giraud--This, for me, was out of tune, often...maybe I heard a different version than the judges?  I didn't care for it.  I think he needs to listen to himself sing and maybe not believe his own hype so much.  He doesn't seem to be singing from a quiet, thoughtful place, as much as a "here I am!" place.  That doesn't work for me.

All in all, I'm glad country week is over!  I do think they all passed up opportunities to do some far better songs; I am amazed that some of these songs were cleared for Idol.  Here's hoping next week shows some smarter song choices!

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