Wednesday, March 4, 2009

double Idol

In lighter news, we finally got around to watching Idol tonight...from lastnight as well as tonight.  I would be lying if I said it was exciting or if I heard tons o' talent...I was excited to hear from Scott, though, as I was hopeful he would be spot on with his pitch, due to his being blind.  I wasn't blown away by him, but am looking forward to seeing him back behind the piano to get the big picture.  Yes, I see the judges put Tatiana back into the wild card program; I suppose I can't argue based on her singing, but I can tell you that in this house, at least, we will be fast-forwarding through any interviews!  Other than that, there were lots of issues tonight; from picking the wrong song for the voice to oversinging to disagreeing with Simon.  (Note to your bad Idol selves:  Simon is right.  Period.)  I do wonder who helps these people choose their songs...they should never let their moms in on that decision, eh?  This, for me, was the lowest of the three weeks as far as raw talent and excitement goes.  I have to give props to Scott for asking Seacrest for a high-five, though, that was a beautiful moment!  Hopefully Seacrest never lives that one down!  D'oh!  We are excited to see the wild card round, and hopeful that the people will shake the nerves and get a little more creative/edgy/daring/SMART about choosing a song!  

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