Monday, March 16, 2009


Well, we're still here; trying to make the best of it without the Palmtop.  Of course, we lived for years without it, but since we got it back in November, it has become a part of Mas.  The hardest part is watching him without it.  He will use the ol' dinosaur Go Talk, too, but you can tell he doesn't care for it.  We are hopeful that we will see it by the end of the week.  

14 had parent-teacher conferences today.  It sounds like she is on-track and kicking' butt on the grades, so it was an easy 30 minutes.  She even has 106% in Math!  Thank goodness she did not inherit my mathematic gene pool...or, my dyscalcula, as I prefer to call it!  (Sounds fancier, not?) When her English teacher asked what she was thinking about becoming someday, she paused a moment and said, "Maybe a doctor."  (!!)  Yeah, I thought that was pretty cool.  I was glad to hear she is aiming high and thinking about all of the possibilities.  

We were able to go outside and play with bubbles after Mas got home from school today, so that was awesome!  With a high of 65 degrees, it felt wonderful and almost felt like spring had sprung...unfortunately, I am all too familiar with March and April, so I'm not expecting it to last for very long!  Grandma came today and cut Mason's hair, so he is ready and rarin' to go back to school tomorrow.  He was able to go outside for recess today, so that was a monumental event for him.  He's happiest when he can be outdoors; like the rest of his family!

All in all, a great, (if not a very quiet) day.  Here's hoping for a speedy return to the little man's voice!

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Jamie said...

I suffer from dyscalcula myself. I feel so much better knowing there are others like me! Thanks