Saturday, February 7, 2009


This week, one of the students dumped out a bin full of toys in Mason's classroom.  Mason pushed, "Time to pick up the toys" three times in a row on his palmtop....then, proceeded to push, "Next time, don't do that."  Hee hee.  Looks like he's in there, after all!  Our little hall monitor!

Riley is living and breathing her engineering design class.  Which is all good.  She's even using the design program for an assignment in another class.  She also went into a long spiel about her math class the other day, reminding me how happy I am that she received Howard's math brain in the genetic transaction, and not mine!  Whew!  

I am still slightly sick, but just ever so slightly....enough to tell you I'm not back to "normal", but not a big deal, either.  

Other than that, there hasn't been much "post-worthy" stuff happening here...besides the day to day grind.  Boring can be good, though.  

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