Friday, February 27, 2009

Heart and i love you and sun dogs

LOVED Idol this week!  The 16 year old redhead is probably, in my mind, at least so far, the clear front-runner.  I also love Danny Gokey from last week.  When I heard the 16 year old was going to do Heart, I squirmed in my seat.  (Heart?  Ann Wilson?  Are you MAD?!)  When Randy said she "blew it out the box", he did not lie!  WOW.  I was impressed.  Thanks to the DVRness of my world, I rewound it and listened to it as we all should be, with my eyes closed, and was blown away all over again.  For ANYONE to tackle Ann Wilson, especially a 16 year old, and especially THAT song, is incredible!  I thought the majority of the people chose crap songs, though, and probably did blow their only chance.  We're not sure yet how the wild card round will be picked; will everyone sing?  Will the judges pick their faves?  Will they just pick the top vote getters?  

A nice lesson for young singers out there was available to anyone listening lastnight:  DO NOT OVER-SING.  Period.  Weak singers will do that when they're nervous, scared, or when they know they don't belong in the top 12 of American Idol.  It was an enjoyable evening, though, even though I was bored through most of it.  Even though the Nick/Norman Gentle dude is totally coming from the comedy side, I still think he has a better voice than they are giving him credit for.  It's interesting that he is such an entertainer, and the judges have eschewed that type of contestant for years and years.  I do think it would open the flood gates wide open for the next season if he were to make it through, but I cannot lie...I was more entertained watching him than I have been watching anyone on that show for YEARS.  I wish he'd get through in the wild card round and come out as himself.  I think we'd all be surprised.  I think the young 16-year old with the red hair, (yes, I will find out her name to avoid typing that) is truly a talent, and you could hear there was just so much more in her voice that she was holding in...beautiful.  Better than the shrieking girls who were showing us everything they had, (including their tonsils) in an attempt to show their volume.  And also, one of my fave Idol comments ever, "I thought I did great!"  (The nail-in-the-coffin comment, folks.)

In other news, Mas was home yesterday due to weather.  We spent a couple of hours lying on our bed, watching the fan go "round and round" and playing with a flashlight on the ceiling.  He loved it.  He did find the "feelings" page on his palmtop all by himself yesterday, which was a first for us at home.  I also found the "I love you" button, which I just asked his speech therapist to add.  I would push it, and then get up close to him and say, "I love you, too", and tickle him.  He would laugh and laugh!  Hopefully he will learn how to push that button appropriately.  Eleven years is a long time to wait to hear your child say they love you.  (Even though we know he does, it would be slammin' to hear that!)

Riley had a Big Day yesterday.  She had to do a project on the Elizabethan era/Shakespeare for her English class.  She chose the Globe Theater as her project, designed the theatre in the Inventor program, and had her teacher do a 3-D printing of the theater.  The first one cracked, the second one crumbled, so she ended up gluing the first one back together and turning it in.  It is now (drum roll, please!) featured in the showcase in the hallway at school!  She was very excited!  She is even allowing me to come up after school and take her picture beside it.  Yes, you read that correctly.  That is Big, for 14.  We are so pleased she is finding her way and seeking out subjects/activities/projects that she likes.  The best part is, she is designing just about everything she sees on Inventor, so all of that practice is bound to nothing but good things.  Yea, Riley!

Lastly, I chased some bee-yoo0tiful sundogs this large, they were like mini rainbows on either side of the sun...also saw a sun pillar this morning, due to the tiny snowflakes that were cluttering the sky.  I tried to take pics, but didn't actually get what I wanted.  I thought I'd throw it in here to show you what our morning was like.  One of these days, I'll figure out f-stops and polarizers and shutter speed and all of that good stuff and maybe sell some pics on a website.  For now, still learning....still learning.

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Jamie said...

AWESOME!!! Never knew about sundogs! Thanks