Wednesday, January 14, 2009

yeah, yeah, I know...

Lastnight I engaged in the guiltiest of guilty pleasures ever...American Idol.  Glued to the screen, (watching the recorded version, to cut back on commercials, of course), we laughed and admired and cringed and would occasionally rewind...I also shut my eyes and tried to weigh in before the judges.  Some of my friends, who remember me as a musician, are shocked that I enjoy watching Idol...after all, they say, it's all staged for tv, they don't really audition those bad ones, etc.  I guess I know that, but I just LOVE thinking that maybe, just maybe, they will find a true gem in that madness mix; a true diamond-in-the-rough who will set the music world on its' collective ear and remind them to shut up and listen on occasion.  Call me crazy, but I like the thought of people actually auditioning for their "one shot" to make it.  Probably the same reason I used to have my band play "I Believe" before every concert/practice...because I do.  I believe in the power of music, to change people, to change souls, to change the world we live in....(or, at least the world around you)...or maybe just to uplift us all during the dreary months of winter and give us a reason to rejoice.  Guilty pleasure?  You're damn right.  And I love every moment of it.

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