Sunday, January 11, 2009

things that make you go hmmmm

So, Jett Travolta did not speak, and the family moved to Florida so he could be near water and flying, his two favorite interests...sounds very familiar to many kids we've met over the years...and one kid that lives here...  

Mas's favorite new toy is the rubber Wii remote jacket.

On Wednesday, my grandma will be having her eye removed.  How strange will that be for her?  Especially after 87 years of having it there?

How is possible for someone to accumulate as much junk as I have over the years?

Why was I keeping my junior and chapter degrees from FHA?

Why do I still have my Popeye gumball machine?

A plastic fence for my horses?

I have enough material downstairs to make about 15-20 quilts, as long as you didn't mind what they looked like.

Why is George's Pizza so good?

Why do rice krispie bars disappear so quickly?

Why are sundogs so cool?

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