Friday, January 16, 2009

super glue to water

I know my friend Ryan and I have had this conversation numerous times, but it bears repeating in this setting:  how much snot can one person produce?  It started out as the stickiest, super-glue concrete snot I've ever had.  Then, **POOF!**, today, it turns to water.  Running down my throat faster than I can possibly swallow it.  Of course, I know from my numerous battles with my sinuses that this is a good sign; the infection is breaking up and is now able to drain, but how much more will my body make?  Carumba!  It is a strange thing.  I need to go do some research into why this happens, and why we can't dry it out in some manner.  Meanwhile, the coughing here is Olympian in its' scope--the kind of coughs that make you curl up your toes and hope for the best.  I actually get light-headed from it.  Eek.  Here's hoping my body is about done with the snot production line.

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