Friday, January 16, 2009

OOOOOOOOoooooh what a week

No school on Monday, late starts Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday....temperatures hovering around -22....not counting windchill, end of the nine weeks for Riley, losing 4 pounds, being sick as a dog for the entire week, and actually having to give in and go to the clinic yesterday.  I would say yesterday defined our week the best.  I woke up yesterday morning after being sick all week with some type of upper respiratory gunk.  Feeling very crummy, I nevertheless woke Mas up and took him in the bathroom to get him ready for school.  After I got his pajamas off and told him to go potty, the world was a spinnin'.  I had to wake Howard up and tell him to get Mas ready for me.  He laid there for a moment, and then I mumbled that Mas was naked in the bathroom.  That got him up.  How got both the kids off to school, and then I called in for an appointment.  Turns out I have a virus, and apparently a post-viral bacterial inflammation somewhere in my body.  My potassium was also low, which was causing the weakness and making my hands cramp up like crazy.  So, now I am on antibiotics to cover the bacterial part of it, and am on triple the usual dose of potassium, and have to cut back on my diuretic until the potassium gets back to normal.  The good news is, I'm down 4 pounds from not being able to eat.  (Did I mention being horrendously nauseous the past few days, as well?)  The bad news is, I am woefully behind in laundry, cleaning, making meals, etc., and am actually tired of laying around.  That's saying something.  I am awake (and not feeling faint) this morning, though, so maybe things are looking up.  It seems every year we all manage to get sick at some point in January.  So far, it's just been mom and dad.  Here's hoping the kids miss this.  And here's hoping January hurries up and gets itself over with!

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