Thursday, January 1, 2009


2009, eh?  Go figure.  Not sure where this year went, exactly, but I can't say I'm too sad to see it go.  It had its' ups and downs, but it seems the ups are less fun now and the downs are much heavier.  Maybe it's part of being older.  2008 was responsible for:  

Me: trying to regulate hormones following a total abdominal hysterectomy...finding out it's no picnic.  I thought I finally had it figured out, when a constant nagging pain turned into a constant Incredibly Painful pain, and I was diagnosed with endometriosis.  Turns out the only treatment for that following a hysterectomy is to stop using your estrogen patch, which has been interesting.  Insomnia, anyone?  Dry skin?  Feeling hopeless?  Check, check, check. 

Me:  swearing off volunteering forever.  Not much to say about that, except that I was daft about stopping it, and should have done it much sooner.  Took awhile to wipe the word "doormat" off my forehead, but I think all traces of it are gone now.

Me:  growing weary of just being a "mom."  Dreaming about wearing dress clothes to work and visiting with other humans and drawing a paycheck.  Maybe someday.

Howard:  driving a 12 penny nail through his (middle, of course!) finger with an air nailer.  Laughing hysterically while in shock.  Causing panic in his wife.  Putting off our remodeling for another day.

Howard:  not catching a muskie, all year!  :o(  Sad.  Saw huge ones, though!

Howard:  getting his instrument rating for flying.  Has to fly with goggles on so all he can see is the instrument panel.  Not my cup of tea!

Riley:  Dropping her trumpet on the way in to play her solo at contest, only to walk in and find out her accompaniment program didn't work at all, playing it a capella (while crying over denting her horn) and getting a I on said solo. 

Riley:  After years of telling us she did not like band, finally being allowed to drop band.  It was much harder on us than it was on her.  We marveled at the fact she was heard giggling a couple days after dropping...we hadn't heard that in months.  We are sad to see her talent not be used in the "band" capacity, but know it is time for her to make the hard choices that turn you into an adult, and not to stay in things to make your parents happy.

Riley:  Watched her write numerous songs on Garage Band since dropping band.  I guess her musical side will still be used.  Whew!  (Might I add some of the songs are better than the ones her mom has tried to write!)

Riley:  Watched her grow in her pre-engineering class she decided to take this fall.  We have seen her design many items on her 3-D design program we have installed on the basement computer.  We have heard many inquiries on what engineers/designers/coroners/research scientists make for a living, and what kind of schooling is required for each.  It's been fun to peer into the future with her and consider all of the possibilities.

Riley:  Have rejoiced over her test scores from the past year, if only as a concrete reminder that she is no way afflicted with any of the brain damage Mas has.  We know that, of course, but it's always nice to see it in print.

Riley:  Said she wants to learn to fly; got a new logbook, engraved with her name, for Christmas.  Went up flying yesterday and had a great time.  I expect many hand-wringing hours in my future.

Mason:  Switched from his Go Talk to a Palmtop 3, and we have all learned how to handle this sweet piece of technology.  Kind of scary to watch Mas walk around with $4,000 strapped to his waist, but we are calming down about it now.  It's fun to watch him be able to tell us what he is thinking, as opposed to just what he wants.  Example:  was listening to "Blue Christmas" on the radio in the car.  Riley said, "Turn that off; it's horrible!"  Mas pushed, "Change channel" on his Palmtop!  Okay, okay, I get it!  Example #2:  Mom was giving him nutter butter bites, and ever since he was little he will throw any that don't have the top of the cookie on them.  She gave him one without the top, and he pushed, "I don't like that one," on his Palmtop!  So fun to see his personality shine through.

Mason:  Had a bad bout of constipation/pseudo intestinal blockage this fall.  We did get it under control with help from our family doctor.  Went to a neurologist and had some of his old tests repeated.  Nothing new to report.  Developed a hydrocele, which is a fluid filled sac located above his testicle.  Nothing to do about it now, but it will most likely have an inguinal hernia accompany it this year, which will require surgery to correct it.  Other than that, it was a pretty quiet year for him, healthwise.

Mason:  Saw his best teacher yet leave his school, which gave him his 7th new teacher in 2 1/2 years.  A very trying time.  Still wondering if he is in the best place, or if he would benefit from being around "normal" kids and having someone to model after.  I guess we'll never know the answer to that one.  So sad to lose a teacher who really believed in him.

Mason:  Teacher #7 seems to be young, energetic, and fun.  I have hope, although am afraid to jump in and totally endorse her, for fear she will leave as soon as I do!  This is the longest he has had one teacher since he started there.  We'll quietly keep our fingers crossed.

Mason:  Has the best speech therapist in the world.  She totally sees through his b.s. and knows when he's pulling things.  She also sees the potential.  Amazing what a great therapist can offer him.  

I think that's about it, for a short and sweet end of the year wrap-up.  Here's hoping 2009 brings with it a bit more joy, and more of the same good health.  Here's hoping that Riley finds her way in the murky waters of high school, and that Mas continues to develop in the best young man he can be.  And here's hoping I can continue to be at the helm of this ship, and guide them all the best way I know how.  Happy New Year!

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