Wednesday, January 28, 2009

idling along

Three weeks and counting...and woke up this morning feeling like the first day I was sick...stuffy nose, coughing up yellowish/green sputum, low-grade fevers, tough to sleep...argh.  I know viruses take awhile to clear the ol' system, but, wow!  This one is really one to commend.  In a strange, admire-your-viral-enemy kind of a way.

A funny thing happened with Mas at school a few days ago.  He wanted to use the computer, but another student was sitting there.  He was getting upset and trying to barge in front of the student, but the therapist kept telling him to wait.  Then, Mas bent over, and started cruising through the buttons on his Palmtop, and finally pushed, "Hey, that's my seat!"  I guess they all had a good laugh about it.  Also, this weekend, Howard had the window rolled down to order something at a fast food restaurant, and Mas pushed, "Close the door!" on his Palmtop.  (I don't think "close the window!" was available on it.)  It is nice to see him using it appropriately and to make his needs/wants met.

14 is digging her new schedule for the nine weeks, and has already signed up for next fall's classes.  It's fun to see her wade through the course offerings and make a decision.  We told her that our available electives was quite a bit thinner than what she is deciding between.  (My high school averaged around 18 kids per high school grade, and Howard's was around 12...not exactly educational meccas.)  We are encouraged by her sunnier disposition since dropping a class where she was not appreciated or wanted, and are hopeful we will do a better job of listening to her when she comes home and tells us what is happening in school.  I think we all learned a valuable lesson.

I am taking expectorants during the day, suppressants at night, and coughing my lungs out at all available times.  It has been a long haul.  We have been watching American Idol, but haven't heard/seen enough of the "real" contestants to have much of an opinion yet...I'm sure that time is coming.  I do like the new judge, and I'm hopeful she will give women in music a more favorable foothold than the other female judge currently does.  Gotta love a songwriter in there...should only help to strengthen the comments.  We'll be listening carefully to see who will emerge as the "ones to watch" in the upcoming weeks.  Yay, guilty pleasures!!

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