Tuesday, January 20, 2009

bye, bye, sickness

Well.  What a week and a half I've had...argh!  I am fervently hoping the kids do not catch it.  I conveniently ignored the bloody nasal discharge creeping out of Mason's left nostril this morning...hoping it is nothing more than a coincidence.  Both kids had the flu shot, a fact which I forgot, so am hopeful that Howard and I really did have the flu and that they'll be exempt.  My nasal swab was negative, but at the time they did the swab, my nose was bone-dry.  Not so much anymore.  I still have remnants left, like crud in the lungs, but it feels less drown-y and more "ready-to-give-up-the-foothold-in-my-body-and-be-coughed-out" crud.  We'll see.  Am hoping to have something more to post about soon than this usual stuff...as fascinating as snot can be, it's not so exciting to people who are not sick, I'm sure.  I just tend to "write what I know", as is evidenced in my posting.  

I did just finish reading a book, "Let Me Off At The Funny Farm", by my cousin, Patty Borge.  I don't really know her, but remember meeting her once when I was little.  I think it involved wind, picnic shelters, some type of family reunion, and a lake.  I can't be sure.  It was so intriguing to read a book by a family member that I really don't know, and yet be so amazed at her adventures and feel so familiar in her references.  From a Minnesota farm family to pretty much everywhere else, she has seen it all.  I can't say I envy most of her travels, but it is interesting.  Her dad, Norman, was my dad's favorite uncle.  He shot a bear once, and I remember looking at the photo of Norman and the bear and thinking, "he is like a true mountain man!"  That photo had a place in my dad's gun cabinet for years and years.  Her book was a fun, fast read, and made me feel like I know her. 

I am still reading "Musicophilia" by Oliver Sacks.  It's so cool, I can't even begin to describe it.  I love music, and I love reading about brain malformations, so this is a double whammy of goodness for me.  I am probably only halfway through it, so I will continue savoring it.

Riley begins a new nine weeks today, complete with a new schedule and one new class.  She was seen smiling this morning, which is a rarity for that time of day, so I am hopeful her next nine weeks will be the best of her freshman year so far.  

Mas had a late start again today, so hopefully he isn't too thrown by the change in schedule.  It's been a long time since he's had a normal week, so maybe next week will accommodate us.  

The weather has improved greatly, as well, with 30s expected today, and even 60s in western South Dakota.  I'll take 30; still good sleeping weather (as we sleep with our bedroom window open) and yet not so cold that you have to bundle up to the hilt to run to the grocery store.  I'm tired of slick roads, but not tired of the temps yet.  Just nice to be out of the below zero temps.

Here's to a new week!  Hopefully one with less coughing, vomiting, lying on the couch, and ignoring my domestic duties...and one with less stress and harassment for my daughter...and one with less schedule-interrupting-things for my son...and one with less falling-on-the-ice activities for my husband.  Here's to things looking up!

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