Sunday, December 27, 2009

in the trenches

Well, we are knee deep into our Proloquo2go trial now...there are good and bad things happening, so far.

First of all, Mas is able to scroll, which is really cool. But, sometimes he inadvertently scrolls when he is pushing a button and not watching what he's doing...which results in nothing being said and he gets frustrated. Also, sometimes he is pushing a little too long, (leftover habit from the Palmtop 3) and then it pulls up an edit option for the item he is pushing. All of these things are "tweakable"...I just need to spend some time on the forum and see how to go about it. He does like the pictures of the family on there, and smiles whenever he sees the cows, lights, or dogs on the screen! :o) I think he is just like the rest of us, though; a creature of habit. We are all resistant to change in this house, and he is no different. Hopefully things will pick up with it a little bit as time goes on.

Our winter storm brought about 20 inches of snow to the area, give or take an inch or two....ridiculous amounts of snow! It has been snowing here for 5 days straight now. The shoveling and snowblowing has been insane! Lots of closeness in the house and it's safe to say we are all suffering a bit from cabin fever! Time to take a ride today and see if we can get to grandma's house.

That's about it from our house. Here's hoping January calms down in the precipitation arena.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

getting ready...

Mas started trialing the iPod touch/Proloquo2go application today! I can report he seemed intrigued...the first day we put it around his waist, a few weeks back, he wasn't exactly overly keen on the idea. Today, he was pushing buttons, checking things out, looking around, and even He seemed to be very interested in using it, which is half the battle. Now, for the parents to figure out how to disable certain things while he is using it! ;o)

15 is considering joining the Robotics team, which is exciting stuff. Sounds like she might have to dig in and use tools and stuff, which is awesome. She is still rockin' her Chemistry and doing well in her other subjects...working through the school year is providing her with some nice time management skills, as well.

We are busily preparing for the Blizzard of '09...sounds like 12-18 inches of snow are predicted, with the possibility of two feet. In one storm. It sounds like it could be the worst blizzard since 1968; the year before I was born. My mom said that was a doozy; was the first year our family moved out to Monroe, and she thought they had over 100 inches of snow that season. ARGH! Here's hoping we don't see what they are predicting. Our worst blizzard last year was 8 inches...which means this storm could easily double that...with strong winds and everyone trying to travel for Christmas, could be a nightmare for the hubby who is on call starting tomorrow.

We are working on making oyster stew and eggnog...not necessarily to be consumed at the same time! ;o) My uncle Al always used to make oyster stew for Christmas Eve, and it was awesome. My dad always made eggnog, and I remember that being awesome, as well. Here's hoping we have all the ingredients on hand so we don't have to trek to the store during the snow!

Lastly, is a pic of our tree...ahhhh...what is better than a beautifully lit Christmas tree in a nice, dark room to bring things into perspective?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

how do you like them Apples?

Mason's words are broke again....for the third time since August 17....yes, you can say we are frustrated. The entire situation has given me a new perspective on customer service and standing by your product and making a product you are proud of. That being said, we love his Palmtop 3...when it works. When it doesn't, it's just a $4800 belt buckle.

The most frustrating part for us is that this is the third breakdown in three months, with the exact same symptoms each time, with the company doing the exact same fix. It seems it might be time to try something different?

Last week we were pondering the latest voice troubles with our daughter, and we were saying, "why don't they make an easy to use communication device that is like our iPod or phones?" Hello. They do! Apple put this application out in May of ' application that goes directly onto the iPod touch, which is an augmentative communication device...that you can easily program yourself and add things to it immediately. (See a cow in the field? Grab the device, type in, "I see a cow", add a picture if you want, and it's immediately on the device.) This is called the Proloquo2go program and it goes directly onto the iPod touch. With his other device, we have never even been able to sync it ourselves or get our computer to even recognize it. (I sense some serious pressure on the AAC device companies in the near future.) Why pay anywhere from $4,000-$10,ooo for a speech device that keeps breaking down, requiring numerous "send-backs" to the company, sometimes for two weeks at a time? Why not spend $500 and have a device we can program ourselves, and troubleshoot ourselves?

As we have not received the device yet, the jury is still out as to its' ease of use for Mas. We may have to slow down the response on the device and we have to play around a bit with the external speakers and carrying strap options. At any rate, we are excited to possibly have a cost-effective back-up device, for all of those times when the "real" device is being sent to Pennsylvania. This is how advanced technology is supposed to a way to aid those in need. Apple, thank you for being so wise.

Friday, November 20, 2009

thanks for the memories

As my dogwalking foray has taken a serious turn into a near-addiction, I now have even more time to think....(!), and have been thinking about life in general, especially Mason and his non-verbage. It's amazing that someone nicknamed Motormouth growing up and who loves food and has brown eyes/hair would have a child who does not speak and has trouble gaining weight and has green eyes/blonde hair. Kind of ironic. As he approaches his 12th birthday, I am inclined to think about his birthdays past. Two doctors told us he wouldn't make it to his first birthday, so that was a monumental milestone, even though we held our breath for the 12 months leading up to it. That was also the time he had his feeding tube placed, so it was a very stressful time for all of us. The tube was placed too close to the opening to his stomach, so he could never tolerate a bolus (all at once) feeding without extreme vomiting. This meant slow drips of food, over 8 hours, so that he wouldn't get sick.

The second birthday was met with him still having his tube, but having gained weight and doing fairly well, health-wise. The third birthday was still surrounded by lots of doctor appointments while we lived in Omaha, and no more tube...(after force feeding him for the first few years of his life, he somehow learned to swallow without danger). Our appointments were sometimes as many as 1 per week. Year five was busy with medications and appointments, but probably slowing down somewhat from the years prior. Year six was his year to start 'kindergarten'...although he really didn't. That was heartbreaking for us. Year seven was the neurologist reminding us that, "If he doesn't start talking by the age of 8, he probably won't." Year eight came and went with no speech, no skills at toilet training, etc. Years 9-12 have sped by, and here we are, still working on toilet training and still no words.

Mason's Palmtop 3, his speech device, broke for us again about two weeks ago. It was tough to watch him want to tell us things and be completely unable to do so. It gave me pause to think what his life would be like if we hadn't insisted they try a speech device with him, and if we hadn't finally found a speech therapist who agreed. Her name was Lindsay, and she was an angel. Not only did she agree he could use one, but she lobbied ferociously with our insurance company for him to get one, and did miles of paperwork to get it done. (Although she has moved on from his school, she is still referred to as "Angel Lindsay" in our home.)

His first device had twenty available spaces in a plastic rectangle about the size of a piece of paper, about 1 inch thick. He had about 5 laminated pages that we could switch out with different words on them. His current device is about the size of a brick, with tons of pages that link together with other pages. When Lindsay first showed it to me, I thought, is he going to be able to do this? Sure enough, not only can the little stinker use it, he can use it while looking at it upside down, (when it's plugged into the wall to charge at night) he can use it while not looking at it at all, and it only has 3% memory left on it, since there are so many words/phrases loaded onto it.

We are so fortunate that we found someone to help us give him a voice. I sat at countless IEP meetings, telling the staff that if he had a way to communicate with us, he'd have something to say. I was always met with, "He's not ready," or, (a popular one) "He's not cognitively aware enough to learn to use one."

That same child can now identify all of the family members with his device, tell us his feelings, tells me to "change the channel" if I try to listen to Siriusly Sinatra while he's along in the car, tells me he's "bored" when I walk with him through the card stores, tells us he's too cold or hot, tells us he's hungry and what he wants to eat, tells us his chest hurts when we take him to the doctor, and tells us which show he would like to watch on tv. It's about as close to a miracle as I think I'll ever see in my time on the planet.

If we had listened to the "experts", Mas would still be learning one new sign language motion about every 2-3 months, and he would have no functional way to communicate. I'm not only thankful for our angel of a therapist, but also thankful that we persisted in insisting they at least try him on a device, even though everyone told us he wouldn't be able to use it.

I'm not sure at his point what Heaven means to me, as I learned about one type of Heaven growing up, and have read about many others since then. Will my old dogs be running around? Will there be streets of gold? Will we recognize our loved ones? Well, I don't know the answers to any of those things, but I have to believe that God will provide Mason with his own voice. Not an electronic, robotic-sounding child's voice that sometimes doesn't work, but a lyrical, beautiful, pure voice filled with love and wonder at his new surroundings. Hopefully he has to wait a long time for it, but I hope he is someday rewarded greatly for the challenges he's had to face in his life. Twelve years of fighting, twelve years of laughter, twelve years of heartaches, failures, triumphs, health problems, planning, working hard, trying to make his life as great as it could be. Happy Birthday to our amazing son. You are 12 now and we are so proud of every milestone you hit, and have learned to stop beating ourselves up over the ones you don't. We have grown just as much as you have. We are so thankful for the gift of you.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

fall back!

Time flies, doesn't it? I guess the fall has gotten away from me. Between the gloomy, cold, rain-filled days in October and the gloomy, cold, rain-filled start to November, I guess I have failed at my post. Or my posting.

Fall has brought with it a fair amount of running around, playing taxi driver, speech device troubles, the time change, wondering about the who/what/where/why of the h1n1 vaccine, and about a 3 week bout of some nasty viral illness. While both kids were swabbed and supposedly negative for the dreaded flu, '15' coughed for 3 1/2 weeks straight, and I was flat on the couch for one solid week, with a nasty cough for a good 3 weeks. Ugh. Luckily, Mas managed to get his seasonal influenza shot in between the madness, and he was only sick for about one week. We are now scrambling to try to get him the h1n1 vaccine as soon as possible.

Halloween came and went, with Mas being able to trick-or-treat at school. He was a hunter again this year; mainly due to the ease of the costume and no problems with non-compliance if we were to dress him as, say, Elmo or Lightning McQueen. He ate a Reese's the other day, and looked at me as if to say, "You've been holding out!" So funny! We started a bladder/bowel therapy for him that proves to be promising. Nice, sneaky ways to add fiber to his diet and hopefully control the nighttime wetting. (According to his therapist, constipation is the #1 cause of nighttime wetting...who knew?) We found him a pretty neat laser device that shoots green laser stars onto the ceiling, and they morph into different designs. He is enamored of this. Other than that, Mas is just cruising through fall and holding his own with his little world.

'15' is loving Chemistry, her Engineering class, and band at the moment. She has her symphonic band tryout this week, so her and I have been playing trumpet together again. (Warms mom's heart!!) She is finally well, so we are relived that she isn't coughing all night long anymore.

Here are some pics of the kids from Halloween. Hard to believe the Next Big Holiday is Thanksgiving. Where is the time going? It really is true that time seems to speed up as we age. Enjoy the last few days of fall while we have them! I fear it won't be long until winter rears it's chilly head.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

on trying hard....

It took in, I think I was probably a sophomore or so, before I figured out that a person could try harder and get better grades. Before that, I had sailed along fairly easily through school, not going crazy over homework, but not doing too poorly in the grade department, either. I was probably holding my own as far as letter grades were concerned...a check at my transcript would probably not show much in the way of stellar GPAs through my freshman year. You would think a short foray into the world of the "gifted program" would have perked up my cognitive ears, so to speak, and made me want to "try harder to get good grades," but, all it did was get me out of class to make bridges out of straws (yeah, really) and crack jokes with others in my class about amygdala aerobics, cerebellum jumps, etc. "The Thing" that changed it for me was an assignment by Mr. Suiter, our World History teacher.

History had never been very exciting for me back in the day, (although any type of case study or biographical tale was definitely of more interest to me than any other type of learning--remains so to this day) I suppose since I was young and had never left the state of South Dakota, except to venture over to Minnesota to see my grandma Johnson in the spring. This assignment by Mr. Suiter was different in that, he told us we could draw pictures, or use any other means necessary, to get our report across to him. My subject was Henry VIII and his many wives. I decided to draw pictures of Henry, Anne Boleyn, and then a larger picture of some battle; (you can see the details of that don't matter much, even now) which required me to tape two pieces of paper together in order to draw the larger battle scene. Now, luckily for me, while I was never strong at drawing portraits, I had spent years reading about horses; any form I could find....The Black Stallion, Black Beauty, the chincoteague ponies, Little House on the Prairie, etc., which grew into drawing horses--jumping, eating, posing, etc. I came from a long line of people who were quite good at pencil drawings; my mom, (who should have become a top fashion designer; she has amazing drawings of dresses and clothes) my sister, my brother, and also my dad, who didn't draw a lot, but the few times I remember him rendering a quick sketch on a piece of paper, was quite impressive. We had spent many hours drawing as we grew up; during blizzards, sitting in our camper during downpours at the river, etc. Let's just say sitting down to draw was like second nature to me at that point.

So, here was an opportunity to do a homework assignment that did not have to showcase my (very fast) sloppy handwriting, that wouldn't bore me to death while writing out my references. I remember sitting down at my desk that night with a renewed focus; (not realizing at the time it would become a new standard for my homework in the years to come) listening to my crackly fm radio, as bad 80s tunes played, drawing like a girl possessed. I think I drew until supper, having to be called down...which was rare, since I was usually found in the kitchen, hovering around the stove, picking up pieces of food and tasting. After supper, it was right back up to draw; a pattern which continued for two days. On the third day, I was concerned over whether or not to add color to the drawings, an idea which I finally abandoned in favor of shading. I remember turning the drawings in, feeling a bit proud, a new feeling to associate with homework.

The next day, I went in to class and Mr. Suiter had my pictures pinned on the back bulletin board! SO exciting! I felt like I had won an award. It was a new feeling for me, a feeling of hmmm, hard work does pay off, after all. I was excited to enter the room each day, looking at my drawings, and knowing that others had seen them, too. It was a Big Deal in my life, and it kind of opened the door for more hard work=results behavior on my part. The next big event was scoring 100% on the insurance test for Mrs. Bjerke, and having her tell me that no one had ever scored a perfect score on her insurance test, ever! Heady stuff back in the day. That went on into college, from me pouring my all into giving speeches for Mike Schliessman, to doing some surprisingly good (and funny) writing in freshman comp. From that little drawing assignment, came a lifetime of working hard to get results; making the dean's list every semester of college, graduating with High Honors, etc. Before that assignment, I had been getting by quite nicely without putting forth much effort, but until that assignment was turned in, I didn't know the intrinsic rewards associated with pouring your heart and soul (and eraser shavings) into your work.

That brings me to my life today, where hard work does not equal results. It is hard to live in a moment of my life where working hard and trying my best will not mean that things will work out for the best. For example, even though I try to do all I can to help Mason with his toileting issues, he still wakes up 3-4 mornings a week with urine-soaked sheets, and a nighttime pull-up that has bursted all over himself and the bed; leaving gel all over his skin and floor. All the reading and planning and prepping and laundry in the world is not making this problem go away. Could I wake him up every night at midnight and take him to the bathroom? Sure, if I want him to stay awake for 2-4 hours after that...could I put him to sleep later in the evening? Sure, if we want him to get behind on sleep and therefore sleep less. (Yes, my kids are wired that way; the less sleep they get, the less they seem to be able to sleep....) Could we be missing some crucial step in the process that is setting him up for failure every night? (And taking up valuable washing space/time in my laundry room?) The answer is, we must be, so he is now going to be receiving incontinence therapy through a local rehab center. It smacks of failure, being unable to figure this problem out on my own, and to know that the answer might lie outside of what we are able to do for him at home. While persistence and hard work do pay off, they don't fix every problem. Welcome to adulthood, I guess, is the moral of this story today.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

blog-worthy stuff

Three blog-worthy events from yesterday:

1) While Mas was eating breakfast, Skipper (our springer spaniel) was being silly behind Mason's shoulder. I said, "Mason, watch Skipper." Mas pointed to his watch, then pointed to Skipper. Then, he looked at me and pointed at his watch again, then pointed to Skipper. ("watch...skipper!!") Very cool!

2) About five minutes later, Mas signed "ni-night." I said, "what about ni-night?" He then signed, "lightning". I said, "It was lightning lastnight, wasn't it, Mas?" (We had a nice little thunderstorm with tons of lightning the night before.) It was really neat; almost like he was forming sentences with the very limited signs he has!

3) 15 decided to join band that the toxic director is gone. She is too late to have a spot to march trumpet on the field, (since they already had a competition last Saturday) but, she is going to play synthesizer in the pit. Pretty cool, especially since it was all her idea!

That's about it for blog-worthy news from here. I'm just patiently waiting for more cool weather to arrive.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

ushering out the summer

Well, the great Turner County Fair was a few weeks ago, and we ended up going a couple of days. Riley, who is normally not into stuff like that, ended up enjoying it! Imagine! She had a cool t-shirt made, so that was a highlight for her. Mas, who usually isn't great in crowds, was thrilled to see a cow, up close and personal! I have to say I think it made his year! Here are some pics of their fair experience.

Last week we had a scary experience. I was feeling Mason's teeth one morning, oblivious to any problems, and felt his furthest back molar. It felt like chalk, and felt like only half of it was there. (Which is odd, since he's been going to the dentist every three months now, precisely to avoid things like this...) I managed to snag him an appointment that same day, and the dentist took x-rays, and then proceeded to tell me he had a tumor in his maxillary bone, and we had to go see the oral surgeon right away....he said there were 6 things it could be, and the 2 benign things weren't a possibility, since it appeared to be attacking his tooth roots...he then said it could possibly be cancer. I was reeling. He even cancelled our upcoming checkup, because, in his words, "Cavities are the least of your worries now." We went home and cried and read too much and cried some more. Next day, we saw the oral surgeon, who said there was no tumor...said Mas has "radiolucent tissue" in his gums, which normal almost-12-year-olds do not have, and also, Mas has very short teeth roots, which we have heard before. Then, he said the x-ray was developed too dark, which made for "artifact". He also said his tight masseter muscle makes it all but impossible for me to reach that rear tooth when brushing his teeth...which helped to absolve me of any dental sins I may have inadvertently committed...(Yes, I have learned my vocab words for the week.) We were so happy the dentist was wrong, that we weren't even upset about how wrong he was. The interesting part is, I asked my facebook buddies to pray for Mas, and then we got that good news...which makes me wonder if God didn't play a part in this. I would like to think so. We are feeling very blessed and very lucky. Yesterday, he had his tooth extracted, and the oral surgeon said everything else looked great. Can you say, WHEW?! We can...and also, thank you, Lord!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

August is speeding by

Amazing how fast the summer speeds by when you are wallowing in a great big mess.  Here we are, knocking on the end of August, and we only "got heat" about one week ago.  We had 2.41 inches of rain yesterday and lastnight, and woke up to zero humidity, which is a huge blessing.  My garden is happy, but always on the verge of a fungus with the wet, cool summer we've had.  I have tons of tiny green tomatoes, but they are slow to ripen.  We'll see how the salsa season pans out.  My front flowers are dabbling in fungus; I have tried treating them, but to no avail.  We'll see how much longer they pan out.  I'm guessing not too much longer.  Such a weird season; the strangest summer I can remember in a long, long time.  And I'm not just talking about the weather!

Monday, July 13, 2009


My 15 year old is driving.  Driving.  To see her behind that wheel, is, well, bizarre.  If that doesn't age you, nothing will.  

Our 11 year old is losing his speech therapist; the greatest cheerleader he had at school.  The one who gave him his voice.  Argh.  If that doesn't bring ya down, nothing will.

The heavens just keep opening up and crying all over the place...(literally and figuratively)...but, literally in the form of lots and lots of rain.  So much rain, we have a multitude of mushrooms growing in the yard.  I keep thinking; all we need now is some heat, and then the garden will take off.  It seems we are all always wanting for something...the next piece of the puzzle that will make our world make sense.  Here's hoping I can remember to sit back and try not to worry too much about what comes next.  Instead, here's hoping I learn how to care for myself so that I'm ready for the next inch of rain...or, the 100 degree weather that is usually common this time of year.  And then, to be ready for the constant stream of vegetables that will enter the kitchen...if I'm lucky enough to enjoy a bountiful harvest.  So many things have to go right for that to happen.  

Too much rain, and the garden will get a fungus.  Not enough rain, and you have to water with the hose, which the garden doesn't like as well.  A little hail, and your crops are gone.  Strong winds, and you may lose half of your plants.  Lack of fertilizer, and there will be no fruit on the plants.  A lot of weeds, and they'll choke out your plants....lots to think about.

The bottom line is: this is your life, folks, and you're living it.  Here's hoping you get the right amounts of rain, food, and sunshine to have your own bountiful harvest.  And here's hoping you're ready for whatever the world gives you.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Oh, Katharine...

I watched Guess Who's Coming To Dinner yesterday, and am again reminded of how amazing Katharine Hepburn is.  Wow.  To watch her, Spencer Tracy, Sidney Poitier, and Katharine Houghton, (who was Katharine Hepburn's niece; who knew?) act together; it was magical.  I read online that Sidney Poitier was so nervous to act in front of Spencer and Katharine, that he instead did most of his lines to two high-back chairs.  Interesting.  Knowing that Spencer Tracy died shortly after filming, (I believe it was within two weeks of wrapping) was also sad to discover.  The final speech scene took one week to film.  The cast all stood around and clapped when Spencer finished it.  

My favorite line:  when Katharine ousts her employee from the gallery, and she walks her out to her car:  "Don't speak, Hilary, just drive..."  Katharine has the most amazing hand motions in this scene.  I think if you were trying to describe Katharine to someone and didn't know how to do it, you could show them these five words with accompanying gestures and you would see what "cool" is.  It is so awesome.

How's this for sad trivia:  Katharine Hepburn never saw the complete movie...she was too sad to watch Spencer Tracy act.  Wow.  Also, Katharine had to help finance this movie, since the studio didn't think Spencer would survive to the end of filming.

My next assignment:  watch On Golden Pond...again.  I have seen that one a lot more often than the previously mentioned movie.  

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

chocolate birthday

Here's to great friends:  here's to turning 40 amidst pizza, french fries, a hilarious shirt, a painstakingly-crafted lollipop display, and a multitude of chocolate....(not to being in the middle of a divorce, for one night.)  It was a miserable day as far as being without my best friend, but it was wonderful to spend the day with my mom, and to spend the evening with my friends.  If this is what 40 is all about, I'll take it!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

flowering season

And now for the colorful members of my gardens....the lupine, clematis, peonies, and the red, white and blue crock from the front yard.  All of this humidity hasn't hurt them one bit...and this rain will be just what they need to move forward in their growth.  (insert obvious corollary here...)

growing season

Things are beginning to green up around here.  It seems the extreme neglect that my garden has suffered through has not been enough to kill it.  It's a bit weedy, but thanks to watering with a timer and occasionally finding the time to pull an errant weed or two, the tomatoes, garlic, onions, cilantro, carrots, zucchini, summer squash, beans, lettuce, and peppers are all growing.  The peppers, which were started from seed, are only about 1 1/2 inches tall so far, but I am hopeful the heat will bring them up and out of their cozy home within the coffee cans.  My moonflowers and hollyhocks are also making their appearances; with buds formed on the hollyhocks.  Now, all we need is a soaking rain and some heat, and we may be in business.  Ahhh, speaking of just started to rain.  Thank you, God!  

Monday, June 15, 2009


Took the kids to the mall yesterday; isn't that what you're supposed to do when your world is crumbling?  Walk around and look at stuff you don't want and can't afford?  Anyway, Riley went off with her friend to a store, and I took Mason into a gift store, with cards, gifts, etc.  I was trolling through all of the collectibles, and Mas stopped and grabbed his Palmtop.  He pushed, "I'm", then scrolled through a page and pushed, "Bored."  I said, "You're what?!"  He pushed, "Bored."  !!!  I was shocked; didn't even realize he knew what that word meant, but I guess he does!  I also had to laugh, that he is just as normal as any other 11 year old boy in that respect; wants nothing to do with looking at collectible stuff.  What a riot!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

life construction

I was thinking today about Oprah interviewing Elizabeth Edwards following her husband's affair with "what's her name."  (Believe you me; long after Elizabeth is passed on, we will still be saying that the other woman was "what's her name...." we will only remember Elizabeth.)  She was talking about (very eloquently, I might add) how women work so hard to build a life with their husbands, sacrificing along the way to improve the home, family, etc., and then the "Other Woman" just decides she is going to swoop in and take over.  Elizabeth said something to the effect of, "Go build your own life!"  I thought that was pretty good advice, and also showed what an amazing woman Elizabeth was.  There's a lot to be said about building your life with your husband and then having the rug pulled out from under you...I was thinking today, I am about to turn 40, have spent almost 20 years with this man, and this is it?  It's incredible to me...all this hard work, with nothing to show for it.  What makes a person decide his entire life with his wife, and his family, are suddenly worth nothing?  I don't know.  I guess the OW ("other woman" in divorce forum lingo; I've learned a whole new language the past two weeks...) must be way more enticing and incredible than us boring wives.  Who knew I was supposed to be ignoring my kids and focusing only on my selfish needs all these years?  Apparently, men find that attractive in the OW.  Myself, I plan on continuing to focus on my kids and building a life for them where security is now present.  The only rugs that I will pull out will be when it's laundry day.  Two things I know for sure today:  I'll never wear a ring on my left finger ever again, and, I will never understand how a wife, children, home, and life are worth less than a girlfriend.  Call me crazy.  I feel very I'll "never be whole again."  I suppose that's what everyone says at this point, but it's true.  I guess we can only do what has to be done, and let the rest of it fall where it may.  In the meantime, I'm going to go back to building my life.  

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

it's a new day

Well, we're still here...still alive and kickin'....just trying to create our "new normal."  I'm not sure exactly what that will look like, yet, but I know it has to be done and I am staying focused on the task.  

Decided it was safest to start with "new" music today while out mowing...didn't want to go to my usual "go-to's" at a time like this.  I grabbed a Michael Buble cd off the iTunes store...was very impressed!  He definitely possesses a serious gift there.  Was nice to listen to trumpets wail and trombones sing, too.  The only problem was when he was singing the standards....made me think of Frank singing the standards with his hot band.  I decided I am just not strong enough yet for Frank.  That's all there is to it.

I am again reminded of what a gift friendship is; what a true treasure it is to have people around you that will listen and give (or not give) opinions.  I think I have been taking my friends for granted now for awhile.  That's one nice thing about this; hopefully I will rekindle some friendships and remember to lean on my friends when I need it.

Also wishing we didn't have to go through this...any of us.  Still worried about the ex-husband to be and how he is doing.  I guess emotions don't turn off like a faucet.  Well, at least for some of us, they don't.  Here's hoping he is able to eventually enjoy the freedom he so desired.

And here's hoping for a day where I feel strong enough to listen to Frank.  For now, there's Michael...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sum it up....

I could wax poetic, (or unpoetically) and go into great detail about this week, or I could sum it up with this:

When my husband moved his stuff out of our home into his rental house this week, his brother came up to help.  What did the brother's shirt say?  "CHEATERS LIVE LONGER."

Yeah, how's that for a swift kick to the left ventricle?  

Thursday, June 4, 2009

the d words

I have decided divorce is pretty damn close to a death.  Feels the same, smells the same, looks the same.  Five days into this, I can only say that I will never go through this again, because I will never marry again.  It has been the most excruciating week of my life.  Argh.  People are offering up plenty of suggestions, but it's my own mind that I need to listen to now.  The future was hard enough to consider while I was married, but it's even scarier to know I'll be raising a special needs son and a teenage daughter in the future, who will be spending the majority of their time with me.  I have decided that infidelity has to be one of the worst marriage stressors to go through.  I wonder why women treat each other like this?  I am hopeful that karma makes it so that every woman who sleeps with a married man ends up being cheated on.  That would be a nice circular punishment, don't you think?

Monday, June 1, 2009

the big D

Going through the unthinkable at the moment...the Big D word....divorce.  Although there have been close calls in the past, (and one very close call 2 1/2 years ago) I always thought we were made of tougher stuff than that.  I have discovered one person can't fix a marriage, and one person can't make another one love them, and one person can't make another be faithful...I guess it's true what they say:  Love is Blind.  (And deaf, and dumb, and stupid...the list goes on.)  Not even sure where to turn to as far as raising the kids in this mom is here being "me" so I can slowly unravel.  I know happiness is worth anything, but it's hard to see that here from the bottom of this pit.  Argh.  Not an easy time for someone who hates change and worries about everything anyway.  And to think, last week it was all about camping!  This week, a whole different set of circumstances.  I am so upset, I can't even listen to music.  That is saying something.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

scenes from a campground

I did the unthinkable Tuesday, taking Mason camping...without his dad or sister along for help.  (Grandma and Auntie were along, though.)  Mas was amazing.  He was truly a "Happy Camper", the entire time.  Through 4 1/2 hours of driving, 45 degrees all the way to 85 degrees, he was happy and cooperative; loving the scenery and the fishing and the late night bedtimes.  He clamped his mouth shut when offered a s'more, however.  Not sure what happened there, as he loved them last year.  I pulled our camper with our pickup, which was a new thing for me, as well as navigating road construction.  I was proud of us!  (Of course, it helps to have a sister along who is a Master Camper, and having grandma along is a definite plus on any trip involving Mas.)  My sister caught a 19 1/2" walleye, and my mom caught a 16" walleye.  We caught numerous brown trout, too.  It was definitely the best shore fishing we've ever had while camping there.  It was a great time!  Here are a few of the cuter pics of our trip.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

a picture is worth how many words?

Here are some funny pics of Mas...blurry, yes, but I think they are so telling about his personality!  They make me laugh whenever I see them!  (Laughing is good nowadays!)

Purple Heys

Hey there, martins, welcome back!  They were slow showing themselves this year, but it's nice to finally see them in the house.  It seems the purple is more brilliant this year, but it's hard to notice it on such a cloudy day.  When the sun peeks out again, I'll see if I have time to snap a picture of their shimmery purpleness.  Yeah.  (I'm sure the shade is exactly like last year, but, it sure seems shimmery!...say that three times fast!)

14 ends her freshman year tomorrow.  Woo-Hoo!  She is ready to be done and embrace the summer.  Mas has his last day before a two week break tomorrow.  I am hoping to videotape him swimming and then attempt to put it on the blog.  We'll see how long it takes for technophobia to hit me.  I don't know how it's done, but I will at least give it the ol' college try!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

don't cry for Adam...

Well, hopefully Kris Allen is frantically trying to find a vocal coach right now....and hopefully Brian May is backstage talking to Adam about filling Freddie's big shoes.  That's what I'm talkin' about!  I know I will never turn up a Kris song, but I will definitely be jammin' to Adam in the future!  Bring on the next generation of Queen!


Okay, we went from low 50s, to 85, to 96!!  All in the span of about four days!  I know we wanted it warmer, but come on!  I guess us Midwesterners are just whiners!

And in other news, although I don't consider myself a scaredy-cat per se, and I can easily thumb a largemouth bass; clean any fish; hook leeches, minnows, and nightcrawlers; gill hold a muskie, etc., I am a big chicken when it comes to spiders.  Probably has something to do with waking up one morning in high school and looking eye-to-eye with a spider right on my pillow...or any other number of freakish spider tales that we all have.  One that particularly stands out is when Mas was a baby and wouldn't eat, and I would literally sit in a chair for hours every day and try to get him to drink.  Riley was 3 1/2 years old and, unfortunately, ended up playing by herself a lot at that age, and we were in Ohio, which was not home to any grandmas.  One afternoon, she came around from behind my chair and said, "Look, mom!"  In her left hand was a huge black spider, one of those nasty furry ones that seem to evoke images of terror in most of us.  Where was her right hand, you might ask?  Her right hand was petting it.  I freaked out, started screaming, and she got scared (rightly so, when observing the fit her mother was having) and we ran to the kitchen and I was trying to get her to let go of it.  She finally did, and it proceeded to scamper (I should use the word "lumber", in reference to it's Amazonian bulk) directly underneath one of my stove burners....where it never showed itself again.  I opened the top of the stove, searched for it incessantly, but never found it.  (Riley went on to love frogs, bugs, snakes....she even had a pet praying mantid at one point...we were all sure she would go on to be an entomologist!)  Anywhoo, let it be said that I do not like spiders.  Any size, shape, or type.

This morning, when getting into my car, I noticed a brown splotch on the driveway right behind my car.  I went to kick it out into the driveway, thinking it was a leaf.  (Did I mention we have 40 mph winds today that have blown half a field worth of corn husks into the yard?)  Right before my shoe made contact with it, I stopped, and noticed it...was...a....SPIDER!  A BIG one, no less.  Here's photographic evidence.  I have no idea what type it is, but it is definitely the type I don't want to see again.  That, I am sure of.  Shudder....  

As luck would have it, the garage door is what killed it.  Think of how perfectly that had to be lined up!  Whew!!  You'll notice it just clipped the humongous stomach area and smashed a couple legs.  A few centimeters in either direction, and that thing would have been paying rent in amongst my gardening tools.  Thank you, divine intervention.

Monday, May 18, 2009

blue skies....

Smilin' at me...nothing but blue skies, do I see....

Yes, friends, it was 85 degrees today!  ABOVE ZERO!  Let's just say everyone's mood has improved considerably!  So nice to be outside without a jacket and not be cold!  I'll take it.

The garden seems relieved, as well.  Here's hoping for more than one day of this bee-yooo-tiful weather!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Been dealing with cold temps here the past few nights.  I even had to break out the sheets and clothespins and cover my garden, as well as take in all of my potted plants.  It is the middle of May, Mother could cut us some slack!  My cashier at the grocery store yesterday noted that "everyone is cranky because of the weather."  I wholeheartedly agree.  It would be nice to be able to go outside and not be least just for a day or two.  Did I also mention it's incredibly windy?  Yeah.  Not a great spring for gardeners, that's for sure.  Today we are supposed to reach 67 degrees, (I'll believe that one when I feel it!) and tomorrow they are forecasting 81.  Ahh, the midwest.  What a lovely place to be in the spring.  We have yet to go fishing, and I have yet to take a bike ride.  One of these days, the warmth will show up and will stay for awhile.  Like, through the summer!  I can't wait!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

things are going along just swimmingly here....

It was a Banner Day for the Georgeson's on Friday!  (And believe you me, we were due for one...perhaps, overdue!)  For starters, 14 secured Student of the Month at her high school.  There were 2 in the freshman class, which has around 90 students in it.  That was very exciting!  Secondly, she needed an 85% on her pre-engineering course in order for us to be able to pay for college credit for the course.  She scored a 90%!  Not only that, but throughout the day on Friday, only one other student in another class scored the same score, and no one scored any higher than a 90!  We were all THRILLED!  She even beat out some seniors who are going on to major in engineering!  We were flyin' high after that news!  It was great for her to see that hard work pays off, and that it's okay to be smart...something that is hard to make her believe.  She was beaming, and talking a mile a minute, and it was a beautiful thing to watch!

Later in the afternoon, I went to watch Mas swim at school.  He had 4 little styrofoam squares (about 6 X 6 inches) strapped to his back.  He was dancing around in the 3 foot, and I was watching him and visiting with his teacher, the aides, and the adaptive aquatics instructor that was there.  All of the sudden, Mas started S W I M M I N G to the 4 foot....then the 5 foot....then the 6, 7, and 8 foot!  I gasped and asked the teacher if it was okay for him when he reached the 5 foot...she said, "He swims to the end of the pool all the time in the last 4-5 weeks!"  (WHAT?)  How cool is that?!  He swam to the 8 foot, climbed on top of a floating mat, then rolled off into the water, dunked his head under water with his MOUTH CLOSED, and then proceeded to swim back to the 3 foot.  I was dumbfounded.  It was crazy!  I have never seen him doing anything like that in the water....even though I have worked and worked on getting him to use his arms and legs for a really long time, I've never seen him do it.  It was incredible.  After I recovered a modicum of composure, I asked him if he could swim to the red mat again.  And he did.  Yeah, a B I G day for us, all around the board!  He looked like a normal kid in the water while he was swimming, and it was almost surreal to watch him and think, is that Mas?!  SO bizarre!

It was a much needed infusion of GOOD NEWS that we were needing, and we are feeling very thankful about it today.  I plan to ride the high of Friday as long as it will let me!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Well, the swine flu is officially becoming a pain in my side.  We received a letter from Mason's school that they may have to close if they get a confirmed case of the swine flu.  Just to clear things up for you, his school is kind of a germ it's just a matter of time until the flu reaches the school.  Take a whole building full of neurologically affected kiddos, a bunch of staff who work with them, and parents who don't keep sick kids home, and you have a recipe for disaster.  (Or, a recipe for FUN, if you're a virus...)  Mas's regularly scheduled summer break is coming up the end of May, so hopefully they can hold out until then.  I hope there is a lot of bleach cleaning going on in the meantime!  

To avoid planting with a little Mas tromping through the gardens, I decided to throw caution to the wind and plant everything yesterday.  I planted flowers in the front and my tomatoes in the back.  We'll see if it was too early.  Here are some "before" pics of what is out there.  (Not much to look at now, but this should change as the summer unfolds...)  I planted my peppers from seed this year, which is very hard for me.  Planting seeds is more of a roulette kind of gardening...not my favorite way to go about it.  We'll see if the conditions were right for germination.  Meanwhile, here's hoping for some warmth and low winds, and warming nighttime temps.  The birdbath was my Mother's Day gift...I like looking at it, but am not sure what the birds think yet.  You can see Mas and Skip looking out the door while I was taking pics...Mas loves the round spinny things hanging in the entry.  

The cool hawk picture is a dude that usually flies over our yard every afternoon...last week, he made a stop in our tree and sat there, menacingly....I think he might be a sparrow hawk, but I'm not sure.

Friday, May 1, 2009


The gardens are a callin'....but, the weather is still being a persistent little bugger.  I have seeds in the ground, but my tomato plants are still hangin' in the garage, waiting for some warmer evenings.  Sunday night we are supposed to reach 37 degrees, so after that I am in the clear.  I believe tonight it is supposed to be 34, and Tuesday is supposed to be 47.  Hmmm.  Since I always have my garden in by the first of May, today will see me a bit impatient, I suppose.  

Today I am recalling a school psychologist (Bruce Rens; thank you for doing such an awesome job and for being so knowledgeable) who told us that while a neurologically "normal" kiddo takes 3-4 times to master a task, it will take Mason around 2,000.  I was thinking about that yesterday when I was trying to put Mason in underwear after school.  After two bowel movements in said undies, I wondered how many times we have tried this....way more than 2,000.  (In lighter news, I have been changing diapers for just about 15 years now.  I would never have imagined this would be my life.)  I need to buckle down and only offer underwear during Mason's next 2 week break at home, and see if we can crack this toilet training, once and for all.  As far as the 2,000 I believe that to be true?  Yup, I do.  I am sure I have told Mason "no" at least that many times when he is around the stove, the street, the water, heights, etc.  It's a cruel fate, having brain damage.  It kind of kicks you into thinking about perspective.  No matter what your day brings today, hopefully you have control of your bowels and urine and are able to speak and let people know what you're thinking.  If we can all do that, we're doing pretty damn good.  Even if it is too cold to put in a garden.... 

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Frank, Sammy, Dean....

Well, if you watched Idol lastnight and don't realize how far ahead of the "pack" Adam is, you must be tone deaf!  While I agree that it was very theatrical, his vocal abilities put him in a league of his own.  He tackled a Great Big Song there, (can anyone improve over Nina Simone's version?) but he did it amazingly well, and reminded us all that when you're talented, it doesn't matter what you sing, you can sing it and knock its' socks off!  I thought Alison also did an incredible job, reminding me that she does not need this silly competition to secure a record deal.  There will be people waiting with contracts ready when she is off the show.  I thought everyone did better tonight than usual, but was completely confused by the choice of Jamie Foxx for the mentor...what does he have to do with the Rat Pack, people?  Playing Ray Charles in a movie has absolutely zero to do with Frank, Sammy, Dean, etc.  Come on!  I thought it was obvious how completely mental Foxx was when he told Kris that he was his favorite....what the....????   I would hope that Matt is finally voted off tonight, and if not Matt, then Kris.  We'll see how it unfolds.  But, by far my favorite theme night, ever....those songs have legs, and if you can sing them at least partly well, you're doing something right.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

things just keep growing

It's been a slowwwwww couple of weeks here; nothing of note to blog about.  Shorty after my Mexico va-k I presented with an upper respiratory illness....felt like I had a gallon of fluid in each lung, and super glue in my sinuses...the sinuses are much better, but the lungs aren't back to 100% yet.  (Did I pick up swine flu?  I hope not!)  I took a 10 day course of levaquin, a nasty super-strong antibiotic that cost a mere $130!  I didn't like how I felt while I took it, but am hopeful it wiped out whatever was residing in my lungs.

14 has been having a great run of things at school; doing well in her engineering design class, and even qualifying to take a harder section of her end of the year test.  Depending on what grade she gets on said test, she will be able to get college credit for this course; not too shabby for a youthful freshman.  She will officially begin her Very First Job on Tuesday; after about 6 hours of training last week.  She will be working at our local pharmacy at the front register, as well as cleaning up at the end of the day.  When she was young, she told me that someday she wanted to "climb poles and eat choking candy."  This was following an in-depth conversation we had watching men climb a telephone pole one day while we drove by, and also her request to eat some Werther's candies when she was much too young....I told her it was too dangerous for her to climb poles and that she might choke on the Werther's.  I guess her first job doesn't involve either one!  She is excited to enter the work force....(remember those heady days of your first paycheck??) and we are excited that she was able to find a job in this climate.

I got excited and decided to plant all of my seeds a few days ago.  The only thing left to plant in the garden is my tomato plants.  Now, we have the following items (hopefully) represented out there:  white habanero peppers, chocolate habanero peppers, peter peppers, jalapeno peppers (3 varieties), cayenne peppers, drying peppers, two kinds of bell peppers, roma tomatoes, a few slicing-variety tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, beans, summer squash, zucchini, 4 varieties of lettuce, 2 varieties of onions, garlic, and cilantro.  I am hopeful to use only garden ingredients for this years' salsa...usually, we end up buying the onions, cilantro, and garlic.  This year, I hope to just invade the garden when it's time to start canning.  Last week we saw highs in the upper 80s; yesterday morning we had snow on the ground.  I'm not sure if these temps will toast my seeds, or not.  We'll see.  In the meantime, the hubby and I are preparing to go on a day-long fishing date on Monday.  Grandma will be here to hold down the fort while we take the boat out for the first time in '09.  

I have rhubarb, clematis, roses, lupine, hollyhocks, moonflowers, and peonies coming up from last year around the yard.  There's nothing like the first appearance of a perennial to brighten your spring mood.  Here's hoping for more spring-like weather in the week to come!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wave those bows!

Who can get violinists to wave their bows over their heads?  Adam Lambert, that's who.  :o)  That made me smile!  I don't even like Born to Be Wild, but I do think Adam made me want to sit and listen to it.  (I even told my husband during his performance that Adam should go sing with Queen and fill Freddie's shoes...probably the only person who could...)  Anoop bored me, while L'il Rounds was just way too off-pitch to be singing gospel...whether you enjoy gospel music or not, the people that sing it well can SING, my friends.  She was just not centering her pitches, and it felt very calculated to me.  Kris was, again, boring and very measured out...blah.  Allison, for the first time, sounded to me like she was over-singing...she didn't impress me as much last night as she usually does.  (And she should have keyed up about a step and a half...those low notes were painful!)  Danny also had an off night, I thought, even though I love the song, Simon was right in that it was just the same song sung by someone else....nothing new was done to it.  Matt, again, confused me.  I don't know why they think he's so talented; unless he comes across completely differently on the screen as he does in person.  I don't know who will go tonight, but if it were up to me, I would choose Matt, Anoop, or L'il, or Kris!  I would probably say it's time for Kris to go.  He is so full of himself, it's hard to watch, and his little grins and smirks just make me feel like I want to turn the channel.  My second choice would be L'il.  She has never really had an "on" night, in my opinion, and her song choices have been unfortunate.  In other news, I thought Quentin Tarantino was a hoot!  He must be borderline savant or something...he puts the "Q" in quirky!  He was, however, pretty much spot on with the contestants, and even though the delivery of his messages was odd, he told them what they needed to hear.  I heard Simon has one year left on his contract; if he leaves, I'll be done with it.  Most nights, he is the only one using his ears in the assessment.  I hope he sticks around.  Meanwhile, I will continue to be amazed that violinists were waving their bows in the they just didn't

Monday, April 13, 2009

pushin' green

Just (im)patiently waiting for things to green up around here, and for the temperature to rise to a level where a person can plant things!  I am not a huge fan of spring, due to allergy troubles, but I love, love, love to plant and tend things in the garden.  I have my two gardens planned out on paper, so now it's just a matter of the weather cooperating.  

Mas is home for the next week on spring break, so there will be less getting done than usual.  He seems to be in high-destructo mode lately; throwing and spitting galore.  It always puts a crimp in your day to have to go downstairs to try to find your other shoe before you can leave the house.  (Shoe throwing happens here on occasion, along with other things...)  Other than that, just waiting for spring around here!  One of these days...

Thursday, April 9, 2009


It was like Christmas morning watching Kellie Pickler suck on stage last night....ahhhh, just like the good old days when she was on the show.  I was dying to see a closeup shot of Simon during that horrific scene that was unfolding on stage.  Just proves, once again, that breaking out in the country music world takes little more than a drawl and a sad life story.  Wow.  It was awful.  I actually watched it all, though, only choking on my water once.  14 came up to watch, and said, "What is this?"  (I was so proud!)  She couldn't believe she was on tv.  If Kellie Pickler ever makes it into the Grand Ole Opry, that will totally ruin my perception of that little ole club.

Scott went home, which was overdue.  He did a better job at first, without his guitar, but at the end the screeching came out and his pitches were like a drunkard's darts on a dartboard.  I can't believe two people wanted to save him...I assume it was Kara and Paula.  I'm hoping Kris and Matt are the next two to go, followed by Anoop.  I just do not understand Matt's appeal, at all.  

In other news, the snow is almost gone, which is a welcome sight.  Here's hoping spring decides to hop on in this weekend.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Well, here we are this morning, thinking back on lastnight's Idol....kicking ourselves that we didn't think to set the timer long, because we thought Seacrest was getting paid to be the Dick Clark of it all and keep things on time!  WRONG!  I did manage to catch Adam online this morning, though, and while there were a couple of minor pitch issues, that is just an entirely different stage when he's on it!  Proving once again that all you need are the lights down low and a chair, if you can sing!  I still love Allison, but agree that people don't seem to love her.  I guess I don't care if she's precocious in the way she comes off, or if people are put out by her clothing, hair, poor interview skills, or what, but that girl is stinkin' talented!  That's all there is to that!  She picked a great song, and as soon as I heard her choice, I settled in and waited for it....and she delivered.  I felt Danny Gokey (my third fave) was reaching lastnight, and I didn't really like it much.  I though Matt's performance was just ghastly, and I'm not sure what the judges heard, but it couldn't have been what I heard!  (Yikes!)  Lil Rounds, was for me, unforgettable again.  She just disappears from my mind after I've watched the show.  She's like a mist.  Kris did a horrendous performance, surrounded by people who were decidedly uncomfortable with it, as well.  Scott's performance was so bad it was bordering on hilarious, and he would have been much better off leaving the guitar in its' case.  Wow.  That song is all over the place vocally, and you need to just nail the exposed notes.  He didn't.  His enunciation still just slays me; it's so hard to listen to.  Anoop chose one of the best songs, in my opinion, but I didn't like his performance of it.  

Amazing to me how hardly any of the top 8 can sing in their low registers.  I think people forget how important it is to have that in the pocket, and how important it is to choose the right key for your song.  I know they are all dying to get to their "Star-Search-money-zone-note-brackets", but come on!  If you have no low register, don't pick songs where you are shoved into that!  Of course, the best singers use the gestalt theory to the hilt, and don't put together performances of on-pitch notes, soaring melodies, sharp beginnings and clean endings....they just sing, man!  Details be damned!  I believe Adam summed it up for me the best; the whole is different than the sum of its parts....or, his song in its' entirety made you forget about the little slips here and there.

I still say Allison, Adam, and Danny are my faves, with a fairly large gap between the top two and Danny.  The gap between Danny and the rest, in my mind, is huge.  Also, thank goodness Adam brought it at the end, or it would have been a wasted hour!  The rest of the songs were just not good.  I'm excited for when the judges pick the songs for the singers; that's the time I enjoy the most.  If I had to choose who will leave, that is kind of a toss-up for me this week, since so many are so forgettable.  If I could choose, I would pick Kris or Scott.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

back in the saddle

Yeah, I've been a slug.  I could blame it on a lot of things, but the short story is, I left 89 degree weather, beachside, to return to snow and cold and eventually, a blizzard.  Ugh.  I think this has been the longest winter on record for me.  Enough!  I am starting to see why people like to live in places where there is no snow!  (And for me to say that, is huge!)  

Apparently, while greeting his speech therapist at school yesterday, Mason said "hi!" in response to the therapist asking him to.  Wow.  We have never heard that at home, so we are psyched!  Of course, Mas likes to pop out a word every six months or so, never to be heard again, so we are psyched, with reservations.  Still exciting, though, no matter how you slice it!

14 is gearing up for a few days off from school for her spring break.  Other than that, things are pretty quiet around here.  Waiting for the rest of my pictures to come back from my trip, so I can look at them and sigh!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

From Senorita Georgeson to Mom

I'm home again, home again, jiggety jig....and off island time, which sucks.  Here are a few pics of my trip to The Royal Cancun in Mexico.  The wind blew 40+ mph the entire time, making it impossible to do any water activities (snorkeling, parasailing, beachcombing, etc.)  The hurricane pretty much wiped out the beach along the hotel zone, so there was very little beach in front of our resort.  The pools, however, were immaculate and spectacular!  The food was great, and the hotel was amazing.  I managed to get my hair braided halfway, and we had a swim up bar, so all was not lost!  (HAHA!)  I had many observations during the trip, but I'm too busy catching up at home to delve into it at the moment.  I'm glad to be home, but it was definitely a nice, relaxing trip.