Monday, December 8, 2008


Well, 2 hours of a Christmas concert; my son licking my sleeve; drooling on his tie; pushing "I gotta go" repeatedly on his palmtop; and finally, filling his pants; later, I can say I have a new perspective on this whole holiday thing.  I learned a lot yesterday, and here I thought I would just be learning how to sit quietly through too many renditions of Deck the Halls.  I learned my daughter is a wonderful person who has been treated poorly by a teacher, a person who is supposed to believe in you and encourage you.  I learned I am able to stay calm during confrontation.  I learned that spending countless hours doing something doesn't mean you enjoy it.  I learned that Mason likes to lick sweaters, and also point to the shiny rhinestones all over the front of said sweater.  I learned that tuning is a good thing.  I learned that it's hard to take pictures of a grandma in front of a lit Christmas tree without the lighting being affected.  I learned that cutting up meat and cheese for a tray is a good substitute for a meal.  I learned to listen to my daughter when she tells me things, and to assume she is telling the truth.  I learned it's okay to let your daughter stay up past her bedtime if she needs to, on occasion.  I learned that even 14 year olds need cuddling.  I learned that the little train that goes around our Christmas tree is only cute if it's working.  I learned that the holidays have to move around us, and that we need to be stable and central if they're going to work.  I learned I need to quit complaining and get the gifts wrapped, the cookies baked, and the handmade gifts done, because that is what stay-at-home moms do.  Period.  I was schooled today.  By a guy in a suit.  Perspective?  I've got it!  

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Jamie said...

Cuz, I LOVE your blog. LOVE it! and You and your family. Thanks for keeping it real and putting things in perspective.