Sunday, December 14, 2008

his season

It's an odd year, to be sure.  Somehow, we captured like, five good pics of Mas by the tree.  Unusual!  On the bottom pic, you can see his Palmtop 3, his speech device.  Christmas is finally making a bit more sense to Mas.  It's the first year that he hasn't shown an unending interest in the shiny ornaments, pulling them off the tree and dropping them throughout the house.  It's also the first year he hasn't taken baby Jesus on a trip at least once a day (could have something to do with the fact that baby Jesus is now firmly super-glued into his manger).  He likes cookies now, which is cool, and also loves to open gifts.  I think Mas is getting the hang of the holiday season!  To be safe, I haven't placed the gifts under the tree yet, since I'm not sure when he'll decide to start opening, but it's nice to know he'll show an interest in the gifts once he knows they're his.  I'm sure most of the season is still quite confusing and frustrating, but at least there are certain aspects (lights! gifts! cookies!) that we know he'll enjoy.  

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