Thursday, December 4, 2008

crazy craft day

This is what 54 bibs looks like...with 54 embroidered snippets that say, "MASON*CR2" on them.  Hello.  To make a long, arduous story short and sweet, I started sewing at 7:30 am and just finished at 11:10 pm.  (All cutting and pinning was done yesterday.)  The bibs are reversible, with a layer of flannel between each one, with a velcro closure on the back.  Somehow, Mason's bibs at school found their way to the laundry, which is kind of a no-no for a day student.  Of course, they were inevitably lost.  I am hopeful that 54 brand spankin' new bibs will hold the kid over until the new year!  Seems like a lot of work for joined pieces of material that catch drool, doesn't it??  Hmmmm.

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