Tuesday, November 11, 2008

mouthful of trouble

You'd think maybe Mas could have gotten my ability to talk non-stop, my ability to sleep, my ability to draw, my good teeth....etc.  I have a lot of bad features/habits that I would not wish on either child, but there are a few things I wish I could have passed on.  As Mas was sitting on my lap earlier and we were watching the snow, I decided to take a peek at his teeth...just something I do from time to time if he's sitting nicely.  Well, as (our bad) luck would have it, he has a huge chunk missing from his upper back molar on the outside of the tooth, and it is terrible-looking.  He was just at the dentist on August 11, so how does this happen?  Was it a chipped tooth that decayed a bit?  Was it there in August?  Does it hurt?  How much?  Do certain temperatures bother it?  Is my brushing his teeth twice a day just not enough?  These are the times I don't think I am cut out for being his mom.  As far as the old adage, "God only gives you what you can handle," I say that is an outright lie.  I am up to the eyeballs in mothering things I can't handle, and this is almost the last straw.  Luckily, we are being blessed by snagging an early morning appointment tomorrow, so that is one ray of sunshine in this mini-saga.  Please keep Mas in your thoughts tomorrow morning.

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