Monday, November 24, 2008

looking up slightly

Well, here's a lesson for you young whipper-snappers.  Pay attention, close attention to those little numbers behind a doctor's name....NP, DO, MD, etc.  Apparently, they are important!  We saw our "real" doc today, and he isn't nearly as concerned as the NP was on Friday.  He prescribed a trial of Milk of Magnesia, lots of fluid, and an addition of Metamucil to the daily regime.  He did a digital rectal exam (I'm sure that was as much fun as it sounds) and couldn't feel any stool down low, although I assured him I saw it yesterday!  Go figure!  Maybe the constant enemas broke it up a bit.  He repeated the x-rays and said, yes, there's stool in there, but not all the way up his digestive tract, which was what I was told Friday night.  He also said Mason's ear appears to be fine.  ?!?!?!  It was full of blood Friday night; I've been watching it come out all weekend long!  I guess I need to go back to my early Mason mantra after he was born...only MD's will lay hands on this kid.  I dunno; seems like a huge discrepancy between the two health care providers, but it also makes a huge difference in how we feel about things tonight!  Who knows, maybe the universe cut the kid some slack?  Either way, I'm feeling much calmer tonight, and thinking I may even attempt to sleep.  Neat idea.  Thanks for your kind words through email, responses, and phone calls.  We've seen Mason's train go out of control down the tracks so many times, sometimes we get carried away and expect the worst.  It's our usual outcome.  Glad to know this time might be different!

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