Wednesday, November 12, 2008

long day...

Exhausted and overwhelmed, but feeling very blessed and pretty darn lucky, we are finally home after a whirlwind day of doctoring.  Turns out the rotten-looking tooth was actually a filling that had fallen out (whew!), and the hole in the other molar was a mere cavity.  According to the dentist, he has his teeth crammed into a too-small mouth, and when we go to brush the back upper molars, it gets tight and his masseter muscle tightens up, making it even tighter up there to brush.  He said to keep doing what we're doing, which sounds good to me!  After two fillings, (only one of which we were charged for....and we had our office visit thrown in free) we were feeling quite relieved as we headed to our regular doc to examine the lump in the testicles.  Turns out Mas has a hydrocele, which is a collection of fluid.  It usually accompanies an inguinal hernia, which has not shown up yet for Mas.  The doc thinks it will show up eventually, and then we'll need to do surgery to repair both the hydrocele and the hernia.  As far as days go, we're feeling pretty good about this one.  Not excited to have Mas go through a surgery, but at least it's not the big "C", or some strange congenital anomaly that is linked to a bunch of other negative health problems.  Mas was a trooper the whole day, and that made it so much easier.  I was starting to panic yesterday as I envisioned us starting the whole doctoring dance again...glad to hear we just have to dance a little jig and then we can leave the floor!  Thank goodness.  We'll leave the waltzes and the rhumbas for someone with more strength and agility!

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