Friday, November 21, 2008

it's just the number after 10...

Well, here we are in the 11th month, and my son is turning 11 today...the number "11" has some family significance for us, mainly surrounding my dad.  My dad's father, Willis Getskow (or Getzkow, or Guetzkow, depending on which spelling you like, and which time period you are in!) was born in 1911.  He died in November, the 11th month.  My dad was 11 when his dad died.  My dad was born on the 11th of March.  He married my mom on the 11th of March.  My mom's birthday is in the 11th month.  My dad proceeded to pass away on the 11th of May.  A few months after he died, Mason received a teddy bear from his school, with a football jersey on it.  The number?  11.  (It still resides in Mason's room.)  The summer after dad passed, we went on vacation with his family in central MN.  The number on our cabin?  11.  The number of people in my dad's family?  8 kids + 1 mom + 1 dad + 1 stepdad=11.  I think you get the picture.  I can't lay my fingers on my dad's family tree this morning, but I'm sure there are even more 11s to dig up.  I'm not a numerologist, but I do find all this 11s showing up to be quite intriguing.  I do like numbers, even though I hate math, and I love it when the universe throws little "signs" out in front of you like that.  Here's hoping we see more.

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