Friday, November 28, 2008

buddy and his night visitors

While we were excitedly setting up our new Macbook and related recording accessories, I decided to take a peek at Mas upstairs.  On my way upstairs, Howard said, you may want to let Buddy in...he went on a little walkabout.  As I peered through the door, Mas was headed over to open it and let him in...I said, "Hey, he has a toy in his mouth!"  Then, I saw the long, furry tail and said, "He has a squirrel in his mouth!!  Get up here!"  Howard came running up and there was Buddy, pleased as punch over his catch.  How did he catch it?  We have no idea!  But, he was proud.  I told Howard that's what he gets for not taking him hunting more often!  Buddy thought, heck, I'll go do my own hunting!  (Thankfully, Mas did not open the door and let Buddy come bounding in with his prize!)  Notice Skipper pining through the door at Buddy and his fun!

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