Friday, October 10, 2008

unfriendly crafters

Had an interesting experience at the fabric store in Sioux Falls today.  I am stocking up on blue fabrics that have things Mas is interested in on them; hot air balloons, airplanes, clouds, stars, penguins, space, etc.  Spent about 10 minutes picking out fabrics, then went to wait in line for them to cut it.  There were two cutting tables, one on each side of the store.  There was one person on each table.  In front of me at the time were two people; a woman with a cart FULL of fleece and material, ($450 worth!!) and another woman with her arms full of material.  I thought, no need to stand here for half an hour and stare; I'll just walk around some more and go check out the patterns, to see if I'm crazy enough to sew a costume for Mas for Halloween...(I'm not!)...went back after about 10 minutes of browsing to see the woman with the full cart is about halfway through her pile, and the other woman is gone.  I decided to buckle down and stand in line, since time was getting away from me and I knew I had to get going.  The person cutting her material had to go on in great detail about each fabric, coughing up her lungs on each one and commenting on the print, pattern, or texture.  I was trying to be patient, realizing I wasn't the only one in a hurry.  Then, they started on the fleece pile for cutting, and the woman "just wasn't sure" how much of each one she needed...which required cutting lady to go into a long, monotonish-diatribe about fleece blankets and how much fleece is needed....agonizing, to say the least.  After 20 minutes (yes, 20!) standing behind her, she was finally finished and they got to my pile.  The cutting lady pulled up my fabrics, then sighed and called someone else over to cut it so she could go have her lunch.  That woman came over, and proceeded to write each number on the end of the bolt down, so she could begin cutting.  (I was thinking, even Wal-Mart manages to have the little bolt guns that scan those numbers in!!  Hello?!)  I made small talk with two other women behind me, who were commenting on my material and sharing in my waiting (writhing?!) pain, but both were very graceful about it.  Finally, I was done, and made a beeline for the checkout...where the fleece/fabric queen was paying!  10 minutes into it, her check would not clear the little machine, so they had to call the manager over to deal with it (i.e. stare at the check and make frustrated faces).  Eventually, the lady behind me commented how she can't believe how little help they have, how no one should come there on their lunch hour, etc.  I sat and quietly commiserated with her, wondering how much longer this could take, when another checkout person showed up and said, "I'll help whoever's next."  Lo and behold, the 5 people behind me ran over to that line and cut me and the one behind me off!  HELLO!  How rude is that?  The lady behind me said, "I always thought quilters were nice."  (LOL!)  I said, not so much!  Finally, after grimacing at the check long enough, the manager slipped it into a small hole and it was my turn.  I managed to (quickly) pay and get out of dodge.  The moral of this story is, crafters are crafty, and not necessarily in a good way!  

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