Monday, October 20, 2008

thoughts dropping like leaves

We just found out Mason's augmentative communication device was shipped today....wooOOO-hooOOOO!!!  Now, for him (and us) to figure it out.  And, to worry about getting the $3500 device dirty, having drool spill on it, taking it off when he goes to the bathroom, etc.  I can hear it now...."Don't drool on that--it's $3500!!"  "Clean that spilled oatmeal off of it right away--it's $3500!!!"  "Watch out or he will throw it in the toilet when he goes to the bathroom--and it's $3500!!"  Ahhh, such fun things to end up in our vocabulary.  Just so something ends up in Mason's vocabulary, eh?  If we spend more money now and Mas is able to learn how to effectively communicate in all situations with anyone, and that enables him to reside in a group home someday as opposed to a nursing home with a one-on-one aide or in the care of the state, then that is money well spent, is it not?  I saw an article on Yahoo this morning about autistic parents fighting insurance companies to get their children's therapies covered.  It's amazing to me that our country has not yet learned how to take care of our people with special needs.  If we can't take care of our weakest parts of society, i.e. the handicapped, elderly, those with addictions, etc., then what kind of society are we, really?  We can all sit there in our smugness and say, "Well, I'LL never have a child with a disability," or, "I'LL never be disabled."  But, the sad truth is, we are all just one minor accident or one scary virus away from being handicapped or having a child who is handicapped.  This affects all of us, folks.  If you are one of those people who are blessed with a healthy family, children, and friends, just hang on to your hats, because the day will come when you or someone you love will be affected by a disability.  The other frightening fact is, autism is an example of one of those disorders that shows no sign of letting up; it's not going anywhere.  If anything, it is getting worse.  If we don't get a handle on autism today, who knows where we'll be with it 20 or 30 years from now.  If a person with a completely healthy family gets pregnant and does everything right, barely even taking a Tylenol during the 9 months of gestation, can have a child with a brain that has a myriad of things wrong with it, let me tell you it can happen to anyone.  So, take a minute to read those articles about insurance companies and autism, or insurance companies and any other disorder, because the failure of insurance companies and society to care for our weakest is only going to leave all of us weaker in the end.  


Jamie said...

you go GIRL! I love you!

Monroegirl said...

Thanks, Jamers! Just had a soapbox moment...again!