Saturday, October 25, 2008

tales from the backseat

Heard from the backseat while driving away from grandma's house tonight, about 10 seconds of crying, followed by our speech therapist's voice on the GoTalk saying, "stay", "stay", "stay", "stay."  Mom:  "Mason, do you want to stay at grandma's house?"  Mas:  "stay", "stay", "stay".  Nevermind that the "stay" button has a picture of a person holding their hand out to a dog to make them stay, or that it is right next to the "Skipper" button, but my son knew enough to push this button to indicate he wanted to stay at his grandma's house.  Wow.


FishMama said...

Yeah, Mason! I think that seems even more sophisticated that the button is the dog command, but he knows the meaning of that word and that it transfers. I think you're going to see GREAT things happening. Yeah!

Monroegirl said...

Thanks! I hope was so cool; I just stopped and listened and thought, is he really pushing that? It was a nice moment for us. I hope it keeps up.