Thursday, October 30, 2008

freeze frame, da**it!

Give me one moment in time....just one!  I tried to get pictures of the kids yesterday at the national monument that is only a few short miles from the house...about 2 of them.  Anywhoo, 14 cooperated nicely.  Mas, not so much.  He did begin to understand the drill, though; whenever I would stop along the path, he would stop, back up into the rock wall or large rock to sit on, and sit/stand there and wait for me to snap pics....of him looking over to where he could hear the water, or looking up at the birds flying, or look over at the deer leaping through the tall prairie grass...looking at mom was an option never really even thought of!  Kind of a hoot, in a way, but would have been nice to capture a few good pics.  The coolest, scariest, Halloween-y type moment was when I was snapping individual pics of Riley, hearing voices.  She said, hurry up, there are people coming up the path...the thing was, there was no one there...and we both heard the voices.  In fact, we got there 15 minutes prior to closing, and the lady let us go through anyway, knowing the building would be locked by the time we walked through....hmmm...wish Ghost Hunters had been along to do some EVP work!  But, I digress...Here are some examples of what I was working with...I always find more humor in the pics that don't work....(that, and the grandmas and grandpas read this blog, so I don't want them to see the "good" pics yet.)  As far as the "great" pics, we're not there yet.  Let's put it this way, I was hoping to get a pic to adorn our Christmas cards...didn't find that yet.  And by the way, if you're thinking, "I wonder if she tried this, or that, or taking his tiny stuffed buffalo zipper pull and having it perch on top of the lens, or singing dora the explorer, or saying please look at mommy's head, or what's on mommy's head, or please just work with me, or why aren't your guardian angels helping us out here....", yes, each idea was tried!  HAHA!  To her credit, though, 14 did very well and was very calm and cooperative...who knew?  I did snag some bee-yoooo-tiful pics of her alone, so the day was not a wash!  Here, are the pictures for you to enjoy!

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